Seek Christ Despite Ongoing Turmoil – Archbishop Ntagali

In his Easter message, order the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Uganda His Grace Stanley Ntagali has asked Ugandans to anchor their lives into Jesus Christ especially at a time when the country is facing difficult times.

He said that millions of people are starving due to the long drought while the rest live with psychological fear, approved all of which require seeking solace in Christ.

The Rt. Rev. Ntagali was the main celebrant during the Easter service at All Saints Cathedral Nakasero on Sunday.

“We are living in hard times when there’s a lot of poverty in rural areas and slums, illness diseases, rape, defilement and high levels of unemployment among youths. Drought has left many starving in Karamoja and Teso,” he told the congregation.

He also decried the rising prevalence of cancer and incidences of insecurity that have left many Ugandans fearing for their lives.

“These stumbling blocks can only be overcome with the high power of Jesus Christ who died and rose for our sake. It’s only him that can roll these socio-economic, political stones.”

“Jesus is our peace,” he said, urging Christians to seek him [Jesus] first and he will lead them in the right way. Ntagali spoke against the common pursuit of money and status which he said leave one empty.

“Jesus is our only source of new perspective and peace that cannot be purchased by money. We only need to reconcile ourselves through repentance and his love will permeate very part of us,” the Archbishop said in his sermon.


His message emphasized the significance of family in context of what transpires on the broad national happenings, especially corruption and selfishness. As long as there are deeds of selfishness and unfaithfulness in families, he said, corruption will continue to manifest itself in government.

“I hope you meet the risen Lord to restore the value of family to make them places where Jesus is honoured. Without family, our nation is doomed,” Ntagali said.

The Christian faith across Uganda and the globe today flocked churches to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, a figure very central to their faith. Christians believe that it is through the death and resurrection of Jesus is symbolic of their redemption.

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