Security Situation Under Control – Security Bosses

Security chiefs last evening assured the public that the security situation in the country is under control and that Ugandans should not panic.

The security chiefs comprising of the Inspector General of Police, Commander of Defense Forces, Minister of Security,  Internal Affairs Minister and the Commissioner General of Prisons revealed while addressing the nation on security situation on Monday evening.

In a televised address, the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola told the nation that police is working hard to curtail crime in the country despite some cases of violent criminality like murders and assassinations.

“The general situation is calm, though there are a few cases of criminality,” said the IGP.

Ochola said police has reacted to most of the current crimes like kidnaps and murders, saying that most of the suspected criminals have been arrested and some have been arraigned in courts of law.

On the most recent high profile murder of Arua municipality Member of Parliament Ibragim Abiriga, the inspector general of police revealed that police is, “making a breakthrough to the perpetuators and the force has already established leads to the killers.”

Reacting on gun violence, the police chief said the force is aware of guns in hands of private individuals.

Ochola however said that  he has suspended the issuance of private fire arms and that the force is currently conducting an audit exercise to establish the actual number of arms in hands of private individuals and that a report shall be released at the end of June.


The IGP urged opinion leaders including politicians in the country to desist from raising alarms of insecurity.

“As a leader, you must be of hope to the people that you head,” said Ochola.

He also urged the public to embrace neighborhood watch within their localities in order to fight crime.

The Minister for Security Gen Elly Tumwiine, said the intelligence agencies in a bid to curb criminality have infiltrated the criminal circles in the country.

Tumwiine attributed the arrests of most suspects involved in high profile crimes to the success of security agents who he says have been able to penetrate the criminal rings.

The Minister for Internal Affairs Jeje Odongo told the nation that the success registered by security agencies in fighting crime is due to the favorable collaboration between the agencies.

“All agencies are working together;” said Jeje Odongo.

Odong revealed that joint security agencies have since arrested 94 suspects in connection to the 76 cases registered by police.

He further said that the agencies are currently undergoing capacity building to handle the situation.

The minister also issued the public with toll free telephone numbers to enable report crime to police as well as emergencies.

The numbers are; 080099990, 080099991, and 080099992.

Gen David Muhoozi, the UPDF Commander Defense Forces, assured Ugandans of peace and stability.

He noted that the army, through joint operations with sister agencies has arrested many criminals since the outbreak of kidnaps and murders.

He revealed that the army has played a role in cracking down ‘Boda boda 2010 Millitias’ and its patrons.

Muhoozi assured the public that the army has been taking part in hunting down suspects like those that brutally killed the accountant of Case Hospital and Susan Magara.


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