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Ex UNRA Bosses Under Surveillance

President Museveni has said that Indians who have lived for a long period of time in Uganda qualify to be registered as citizens of Uganda.

“Those who have lived for long surely qualified to be Ugandans. Asian people who live in Uganda are part of Uganda. Even the African tribes which are here; they all came from somewhere because some are from West Africa, more about http://chicken33.com/commande/wp-content/plugins/ait-languages/ait-languages.php some came from the Horn of Africa, information pills http://cycling.today/wp-includes/locale.php ” he said.

The President also said that Indians living in Uganda are already integrated, http://christiansforve.org.au/wp-admin/includes/export.php adding however that this should be based on wealth creation and development.

The President was Saturday addressing the Indian Community living in Uganda during the Diwali celebrations at State House in Entebbe.

The Festival of lights as it is popularly known, is one of the most important days in the Indian culture. There are currently over 20,000 people of Indian origin living in Uganda.

The President was responding to Mr. Katongole Singh, the head of mobilization Indian community in Uganda who said that the Government of Uganda should recognize the Indians citizens in Uganda as a tribe in order for them to be represented in Parliament.

Katongole, who said the Indian community fully supports the Presidents efforts to ensure peace, unity and security for the Business community in Uganda, also urged government to register Indians who have lived in Uganda for the last 40 years as citizens of Uganda.

The Uganda Citizenship and Immigration Control (Amendment) Act No. 53, 2009, allows foreign nationals who wish to retain their citizenship in a foreign county, the option to acquire Ugandan citizenship. In Uganda, Dual Citizenship means the simultaneous possession of two citizenships of which one is Uganda.


The President congratulated the Indians upon celebrating Diwali and thanked them for their business investment in Uganda. He also appreciated the Indians for their contributions in the economic development of Uganda.

On the issue of Tax, the President noted that growth of the economy through investment in agriculture, ICT, services among others is crucial in the economic development.

He said that Tax collection should come out of the growth of the economy adding that production should not be taxed because the government aim is to increase growth of economy.

The Indian High Commissioner to Uganda Dr. Ramesh Chandra commended President Yoweri Museveni for supporting the Indian communities living in Uganda and for the prevailing peace and security which has made the Indian community to grow economically.

He noted that the bilateral relations between Uganda and India are growing stronger and called upon the Indian community in Uganda to integrate with the locals among whom they work for mutual relationship.

The chairman Indian association in Uganda Mr. Chirag Dare commended President Museveni for providing a conducive environment that has attracted many entrepreneurs to invest in the economic development of Uganda. He said that Indians will continue to invest more in the development of Uganda.

The Diwali celebrations were attended by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanya, Third Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Moses Ali, Ministers and other government officials.

A special team of security officers has been deployed to maintain a 24/7 surveillance on suspended Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) bosses as police plan to arrest them for causing government financial loss of tune of billions of shillings.

The UNRA board, price http://changescale.org/wp-includes/class-smtp.php chaired by Angella Kiryabwire in August kicked out Acting Executive Director Ssebugga Kimeze, diagnosis http://coparmex.org.mx/wp-includes/category.php Finance Director Joe Semugoomu, pilule http://coastalperiodontics.com.au/wp-admin/includes/list-table.php Planning Director, Eng. David Luyimbazi, and Legal Counsel Mr Marvin Baryaruha, until investigations into the award of the controversial Katosi road tender are concluded.

The body would later cancel the contract with the shadowy EUTAW firm which had already received shs24bn for the upgrading of the 74km Mukono-Kyetume-Katosi-Kisoga-Ngenya road from gravel to Bitumen standard.

This was after UNRA discovered that the contractor being a newly incorporated entity did not have the capability to execute the work required in terms of the contract and bid documents submitted by Eutaw were fraudulent.

The Acting UNRA Executive Director, James Okiror has since ordered “EUTAW and its subcontractors, personnel, agents and suppliers to vacate the site immediately and in any event not later than December 2” to pave way for a new contractor.

Impeccable sources say a State House security team has been monitoring the movements, telephone communications, financial transactions and meetings of the suspended UNRA directors as it plans to arrest them.

Security has as well been carrying out extensive research on the properties owned by the directors with the view of freezing them to recover money lost in the bogus UNRA transactions.

Luyimbazi, Kimeze and Semugoomu’s wealth is estimated in billions and detectives will soon ask them to account for it, according to a trusted source.

Museveni, who appeared on a radio talk show on Saturday morning, confirmed that, “we will arrest those fools,” in reference to the directors accused of engaging in dubious deals at UNRA.

The President further revealed that he had created a “monitoring team” at State house to deal with such cases.

Addressing RDCs at State House Entebbe Museveni further said the Uganda National Roads Authority was “becoming a problem” and that despite the progress in the road infrastructure development across the country, the Authority that receives Shs. 1,700 billion per annum mainly for the construction of tarmac roads has nothing much to account for the funds it has been receiving.

UNRA is one of the products of the Roads Sector Reforms charged with establishing a robust administration for effective and efficient management of the national roads network. Its work has hover been marred by allegations of corruption and delays on major contracts.

The body’s spokesperson Dan Alinange said UNRA blew the cover off Eutaw’s hollowness.

“As part of our routine risk management strategy, UNRA Internal Audit carries out regular and random due diligence on a number of new projects. This includes further verification of Bank and Insurance Guarantees submitted to UNRA in the FY 2013/14. During this process, all institutions that have provided guarantees to the various contractors are contacted for further verification,” said Alinange.

“It was during this effort that it was noted that the guarantees submitted by EUTAW were indeed defective. UNRA immediately informed the contractor of this anomaly and requested them to submit replacement instruments to ensure that the advanced monies were secured at all times,” he added.

“While it is true that UNRA may have potentially been exposed to a fraud with a risk that the Shs 24bn advanced to EUTAW would not have a security backing it up, this situation has been largely avoided for now,” emphasised Alinange.

“UNRA is currently reviewing its due diligence protocol to make sure Government funds are not exposed to this kind of risk again. UNRA is cooperating with the Inspectorate of Government, the Uganda Police and other enforcement institutions to make sure that a thorough investigation is carried out as per their mandates.“

Chimpreports understands that two bids from Kolin and SBI construction firms at shs285bn and Shs251bn respectively were opened last month for the 74km dusty Katosi road.

CICO which was subcontracted by Eutaw had already started work at Shs155bn only to be restrained by the Inspector General of Government Irene Mulyagonja. The area RDC has also closed the site.

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