SECURITY: Police Moves to Install Audio Speaker Systems on Existing CCTV Cameras

In a bid to improve on service delivery, Uganda Police Force is considering mounting speakers on its CCTV cameras to alert the public about the security situations in their surroundings.

According to Police, in addition to the visual capability of the newly installed security system in the country, they have added an audio capability to the technology.

This was unveiled on Tuesday at the agency’s headquarters in Naguru, Kampala.

Authorities said that the system will improve on communication between the force and the public as well as community policing.

“This means the police can communicate to you on any issue developing. For example, they can warn you of someone pickpocketing or a suspicious article near you,” AIGP Asan Kasingye said.

Police said that the audio equipment will be first installed on cameras in highly congested areas in downtown Kampala where pickpocketing is rampant.


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