Security Guard Shoots Customer At Mbuya Fuel Station

By Mercilina Aber

Residents of Zone II, Mbuya along Kireka Rd in Nakawa Division were yesterday woke up to a fatal shooting which started as an altercation at one of the fuel stations in the neighborhood.

Daniel Ogwang, a 24 year old basketball player with the UPDF basketball team was shot dead by a security guard at A21 Oil Limited.

The deceased is said to have arrived at the station at around 12:30am on Friday along with his friend and girlfriend to refuel their motorbike.

While at the station, eyewitnesses say Daniel was involved in an exchange with the pump attendant.

In the heat of the argument, the pump attendant decided to call security guard to cool the situation.

However, the deceased who was apparently drunk turned to the guard and started walking toward him, before he slapped him in the face.

As he turned to walk back to his bike, according to eyewitnesses, the infuriated guard picked his weapon and shot him.


“We tried as much as we could to stop them from arguing but Daniel was beyond control, He was drunk and they seemed to have a long night ahead of them,” said a man who called himself the fuel station manager.

After the incident, the security guard who works with SGA Security Company fled the scene as neighbors gathered to see what happened.

The area LC1 chairperson Mrs. Annet Takka blamed the deceased for being provocative.

Police detained Daniel’s friends to help with the investigations.

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