Security Camera Installation To Be Complete By August – Gen.Sabitti

The Deputy Inspector General of Police Maj. Gen. Sabitti Muzeeyi has Wednesday revealed that the installation of security cameras in Kampala metropolitan will be complete by August this year.

The revelation by the police boss was made at Bwebajja based senior command and Staff College during the pass out of 45 police officers who have been undertaking an intermediate command and staff course.

According to Gen. Sabitti, the police force has been investing in a process of installing institutional anti-crime infrastructure to fight crime which had become prevalent in the recent past.

Amongst the important processes, Gen. Sabitti noted that the force embarked on fingerprinting of weapons to ensure that if any of police guns are used in committing crime, they can be tracked down easily.

On security cameras, the DIGP said that “We have been seriously installing CCTV cameras and by end of August, we would have covered the whole of Kampala, which is going to significantly change policing.”

He urged to his men that, since the institutional anti-crime infrastructure nears completion, the security agency has embarked on human resource development through enrolling officers into refresher courses.

To the 45 officers that were passed out on Wednesday, General Sabitti urged them to work tirelessly to ensure they protect citizens.

“You don’t come to school to pass time, the skills you have come to acquire is meant to be used to protect Ugandans,” he said


“Get out of this college knowing that you came to acquire skills to protect Ugandans and keep law and order, avoid sleeping because you will have time to sleep when you grow old and retired,” he added.

The passed out officers at the ranks of senior superintendents and assistant superintendents have been undergoing a four months intermediate course at the senior command school.

In the course, participants covered the police and Makerere university components on peace building, human security and conflict transformation including some practical aspects.




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