Security Agencies Set To Grill Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza Over Assault

A joint security team of investigators from police and military is this week set to question Rtd. Maj Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza on assault charges of a traffic officer.

Police has revealed that the process in regards to investigation into Corporal Esther Namaganda assault allegations are on course as CID Kampala Metropolitan Police has already recorded statements from two military suspects.

In a press briefing held at police headquarters on Monday, Police spokesperson CP Fred Enanga said that police investigators last week grilled Kyaligonza’s bodyguards, CPL Bushindike Peter and Private Okurut John Robert.

“The police leadership together with military leadership have organized this week to obtain the statement of Matayo Kyaligonza and his driver,” said Enanga.

Mr Enanga said that the investigation process to obtain a statement from the army general is fore headed by the Deputy Director Special Investigations Unit (SIU), Mr Muwamanya and that it will be available by Friday this week.

Police said that four police files will be opened against the general and his team and prominent of the charges are willful obstruction of an officer on duty and assault.

Relatedly, the law enforcement agency also confirmed it recorded a criminal file from TV journalist Peter Otai against the suspects.

Last month, the suspects including the retired general, also an ambassador to Burundi appeared in a video that went viral on social media while assaulting a traffic lady in Seeta Mukono district.


It was reported that the body guards pounced on the traffic officer when she stopped them from making a U-turn at a wrong spot.

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