Secretaries Warned against Leaking Govt Secrets

The Director of Human Resource in the Ministry of Public Service has warned secretaries against leaking government secrets to the public and the media.

Ms Aidah Kabarokole Muwanga said state security is at stake if the people meant to serve it are the ones giving out classified information.

“There are certain things that don’t need to be revealed to anyone but you end up opening the lid,” said Ms Muwanga, while opening the three-day secretarial cadres forum at the Civil Service College in Jinja.

“Confidentiality is part of your job. Some of you end up discussing issues concerning your bosses, for example, how they fight with their wives at home yet other people are not interested in such gossip. Try to act responsibly,” she told the secretaries.

Ms Muwanga alluded to the cabinet paper pay policy regarding the doctors pay which she said was leaked before it was officially announced.

“The cabinet paper pay policy for doctors was leaked and circulated all over the media before official release. You are adults and can gauge what information could be harmful and needs to be kept to yourselves and what can be revealed; because delicate information, once leaked, can affect national security,” she said.

Mr Thomas Ojok, the commissioner for Human Resource Planning and Development in the Ministry of Public Service, said the training was aimed at implementing the policy paper which was approved by Cabinet in 2013 to improve service delivery and for transformation of Uganda Public Service.

He noted that the policy is a cornerstone towards Government’s big dream of transforming the country from peasantry to a prosperous country through effective utilization of human resource both in public and private sectors.


“When we achieve the objective, many of you will cherish to work and identify yourselves with the public sector,” he said.

“You are our ground troops who face the battle on our behalf; when we are at times in our self-contained rooms, you must interact with our clients professionally,” he told the secretaries.

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