Sebagala Speaks Out on Mayoral Aspirations, Says He Quit Presidential Advisor Role

Former Kampala Mayor Hajj Nasser Ntegge Sebagala has on Saturday spoken about what informed his decision to once again vie for the city’s top most position under the People Power banner.

Speaking on a Top Radio talk show today, Sebagala told listeners that his bid was influenced by the need to empower and improve livelihood of the down trodden.

He pointed out that development cannot happen as long as Government and Politicians at Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) are at logger heads something that is not about to change.

Once elected, Sebagala promised to enhance this relationship given his previous experience at the helm of city affairs.

“I became Mayor of Kampala when I was not supporting Government. By then I was being given 40 billion shillings. 40 billion sounds good money today but I had 3.5 million residents,” he illustrated.

“I went to the Africa Development Bank through Government; I borrowed 140 million to construct six markets. I went to China Exim Bank and got 120 million dollars to build hospitals in Kampala such as Naguru, Kiruddu and Kawempe, “Sebagala said.

He dispelled claims that he had been purposely sent by the National Resistance Movement (NRM) to disorganize the opposition saying he had resigned his role as Presidential adviser on General Duties.

“I wrote to those concerned with the Presidency and thanked them for giving me an opportunity to serve and lay a foundation but according to the situation I want to serve the nation in other capacities. The letter was about four lines, precisely,” he said


Sebagala added that he was forced to switch political gears after failing to convince President Yoweri Museveni on his investment policies.

“Sembule only wanted 2 million dollars to inject in his company as bail out and he refused to give it to him. But an investor from Tanzania that one of Roofings is given 15 million dollars,” he argued.

“Today, it hurts me that there are Chinese who want to assemble Radios and TVs which they want to sell to Ugandans yet Sembule had already done that,” Sebagala added.

Even then, he said he was never a member of the NRM but a mere ally from his own Liberal Democratic Transparency (LDT).

“Those who understand politics know that various governments establish alliances. So I have not been there as a member of NRM, I have my own party called Liberal Democratic Transparency (LDT),” he retorted.

However, he labored to explain why he is fond of changing political affiliations quoting a common phrase “in the world of politics there are no Permanent friends and enemies but permanent interests.”

That said, Sebagala said that his candidature should not be a matter of debate since it is a well-known fact that Pressure Groups bring together different political thoughts.

“We had Reform Agenda, it was not a political party but a pressure group that eventually led to the formation of a political party. You might be in NRM, DP or any other party but opt to serve your people using the pressure group’s ticket,” he concluded.

Popularly known as Seya, Nasser Ntege Sebagala was elected Kampala Mayor in 2006 on Democratic Party (DP) ticket.

He was ousted by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago who has retained that position for ten years.

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