Scores Injured as Violence Breaks Out in Katakwi

Several people have been injured in Okore sub-county, Katakwi district ahead of the residual primary election for National Resistance Movement Party Woman Member of Parliament scheduled for Wednesday.

On Tuesday the supporters of the two main rivals: Violet Akurut (incumbent) and former Minister Jessica Alupo Epel clashed and injured each other with machetes.

This tension has been simmering since the NRM election tribunal cancelled the victory of Hon. Alupo and gave the flag to Akurut.

Alupo was on September 6th 2020 declared the winner with 38,582 votes (46.7%) against Akurut’s 29,435 votes representing 35.6%. The other two candidates in the same race Apuuno and Anuken got 13,760 (16.7%) and 824 (1.0%) respectively.

The declaration of the results on September 6th not 4th when the election was conducted, was prompted by the disappearance of result and declaration forms of the whole of Okore sub-county.

What Happened?

By 11:30pm on 4th Sept, all the 19 Sub-counties had been tallied with exception of Okore Sub- county whose DR Forms had not yet been delivered by the Sub-County Registrar.

By 1:00am on 5th Sept, the DR Forms of Okore Sub-county had not yet arrived prompting the DPC to go search for the Registrar. The DPC returned at 2:12am with the Registrar. However, the Sub-County Registrar disclosed that he did not have the DR Forms because they had been stolen, the development that surprised everyone.


A decision was made to declare results considering the fact that the registered voters of Okore were only 2,197 voters, and even if they all voted for Hon Akurut this would not substantively affect the main outcome. As such Hon Alupo was declared as winner at 3:17am on 5th September.

The incumbent, Akurut petitioned the NRM E.C claiming that there was suspected rigging in Okulonyo Sub-county, and asked the Tribunal to consider inclusion of Okore Sub-county.

It is on that basis that the Tribunal declared the inclusion of Okore Sub-county in the final tally where Hon Akurut is claimed to have scored 10,144 votes bringing her total tally to 39,579 votes thus declaring her as the winner.

Accorrding to UBOS statistics, the total population of Okore sub-county is 11,374, while the number of Registered NRM voters is said to be 2,197.

The total number of registered voters in the national EC data for 2021 elections is 3,405 voters. It therefore remains unclear how the NRM Tribunal settled to give Akurut 10,144 votes which is about 94% of the total population.

NRM CEC sitting on Friday and Sunday overturned the Tribunal decision and ordered for a fresh residual election in Okore sub-county. The election is happening today, just a day before the nomination starts on Thursday.

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