School Inspection Kicks Off in Preparation For Reopening For Candidate Classes

Following the presidential pronouncement to have phased reopening of education institutions starting with candidate classes and finalists on 15th October 2020, the Ministry of Education and Sports in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government have begun Nationwide inspection to ascertain the readiness and compliance of schools with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The Education Ministry has set guidelines for inspection of education institutions on Standard Operating Procedures, and institutions that will satisfy the basic requirements as indicated in the set guidelines will be issued with compliance certificates and allowed to reopen.

Education Minister Janet Museveni revealed yesterday that the scope of inspection will cover all schools and institutions with candidates/ finalists that are not diploma awarding; that is primary, secondary, teacher training institutions, BTVET institutions other than the health training institutions which have already been inspected.

The accounting officers at the Local Government level she said, will be the overall overseers of the exercise.



Teams will be instituted and each team will have at least one education official from Local Government and a member of the District task force.

The District Education Officer (DEO)/ Municipal Education Officer will be responsible for ensuring that the teams are in place, the smooth running of the inspection exercise and coordination with the Ministry of Education officials.



A standard inspection tool issued by the Ministry of Education will be used, and no other tool will be accepted. A copy of the inspection tool will be left at school after the inspection and at the end of the exercise, all teams in the district will meet to discuss the recommendations from various teams and agree on schools that meet the requirements.



Schools that meet the requirements will be given certificates of compliance and school/ institution will be expected to sign for the certificate.

Certificates will be issued by the Ministry official who will be accountable to the Permanent Secretary.

The schools issued with certificates should be published by using any appropriate method for the parents to know before schools open.

Copies of certificates awarded should also be submitted to the regional coordinators within 2 days after the exercise.


If the school has been operating as day and boarding, and gets the required score of 60% of requirements for day section and less than 60% for boarding section, such a school will be recommended to operate only as day school.


Note that a school can operate as either day or boarding only under these SOPs.

For each section to be recommended, a school should have scored 60% and above. Schools that will have scored 50 to 59% can be given an opportunity to put in place what is required within one week.

However, even if a school scores 60% and above but fails to score a full scale in each of the indicators under hand washing and social distancing, that school will not be given permission to open.

Schools that score below 50% will not be allowed to open, and parents will be advised to transfer the learners to other schools that meet the requirements.

A maximum number of learners will be indicated for each school in the recommendations and a school will not be allowed to admit more than the established capacity.

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