School Girls Create Black Stone to Fully Heal Snake Bite Victims

Buganda Road Court Chief Magistrate Flavia Nabakooza has convicted 20 year old Henry Muduuku alias Muwonge for defiling a 17 year old minor.

Muduuku was convicted on his own guilty plea which he made in court yesterday.

The magistrate set Wednesday October 17 as the date for sentencing the convict after hearing from the victim.

According to Prosecution, troche the convict on 19 July 2015 while in Lungujja Rubaga Division Kampala district defiled the young girl.

This came after Allen Najjemba, there the elder sister to the victim reached home to find that Sanyu was missing, pilule only to be informed by one of her neighbors that she had gone to Muduuku’s home, where she was abused.

Najjemba says she rushed and reported the matter to Lungujja Police Post which made the arrest.
Students of Coast Girls School, side effects Mombasa have developed a small black stone that sucks poison out of snake and scorpion bites.

In a bid to empower girls by increasing their engagement in science and applying knowledge beyond the classroom, thumb Aga Khan Academy, dosage launched a two-year pilot project dubbed, Educating Girls in Science (EGIS).

“Working with teachers, students and science clubs, we are using this project to train girls on how to think outside the box by providing them with practical skills,” said Lucy Mwandawiro, the project’s coordinator and a teacher of chemistry at the academy.


The black stone, or viper stone, is a piece of processed bone got from the thigh of a cow. It is used as a first aid measure for snake, scorpion and insect bites.

According to the project coordinator, a community survey was done and it was discovered that many had lost their lives from scorpion and snake bites.

The Ministry of Health survey, also shows that 30% of snake bite incidences end in fatalities, because patients do not get timely first aid.

It’s in this regard that the project team decided to devise the black stone, since the residents can’t get timely medical attention due to the fact that hospitals are far from the villages.

“It was this need that saw the 25 girls from Coast Girls School base their project,” Mwandawiro said.

According to the Project’s coordinator, the black stone is developed from a thigh bone in order to increase its surface area and make it more absorptive.

“Traditionally, the black stone was prepared from any animal bone and left to cool in open air, a factor that re-oxidized the stone and reduced its absorptive ability. The girls improved on this method,  and used a thigh bone which has a highly porous nature that allows it to preserve its power of absorption,” she added.

Once prepared, the black stone neutralizes the fatal effects of a snake bite by soaking up the poison at the entry point.

She further explained that a small cut is made on the bitten area and then the black stone is placed on the affected part to absorb the poison through capillary action.

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