Save River Rwizi Campaign: NBL Donates Shs505M to Secure Water Access

In a bid to conserve River Rwizi in Mbarara, Nile Breweries Limited, a leading beer company in the region has through its parent company AB Inbev, donated Shs505M towards the conserving of River Rwizi.


The project that was started in April 2019 and will be running till April 2020, ‘Multistakeholder partnership for water stewardship and community livelihoods in the Rwizi catchment,’ is being implemented by the Ministry of Water and Environment through its Directorate of Water Resources Management and Victoria Water Management Zone in partnership with World Wide Fund for nature.

River Rwizi

Speaking at the event held on Tuesday 13 at Nile Breweries head office in Luzira Kampala,Dr.Callist Tindimagaya,Director,Directorate of Water Resources Management(DWRM) revealed that since the project survives much on partnerships,NBL’s contribution is very key as it will help stir the conservation of the river the more.


“This project aims at developing collective stake holder driven approaches and implementing site catchment–based interventions to address water risks which will enable improved community livelihoods, water quality and quantity.”


Tindimagaya also added that there is a lot of water in River Rwizi during the rainy season which comes with silt and very scarce dry season, a reason they identified the catchment management committee.

River Rwizi being worked on

“In 2011, we decided to establish a catchment management committee to look after River Rwizi, identified areas that require a lot of attention and we are proud that NBL is among the partners who sit in the committee.”


He thanked NBL for continuously keeping up with their sustainability goal of Water stewardship for securing Water access and for coming on board to support this particular noble course.


NBL’s Mbarara plant, a USD 90M investment with a brewery capacity of over 650,000 hectoliters per annum is based in the Rwizi catchment and relies on water from River Rwizi.


While officiating the ceremony, Onapito Ekomoloit, Director Legal & Corporate Affairs NBL said that the company is always concerned on sustainability and access of clean water not to only where the brewery is, but to all communities.

Mr. Onapito Ekomoloit, NBL’s Legal & Corporate Affairs Director signing a dummy cheque of Shs505M

“As a leading beer company in the region, we are keen on water conservation and ensuring easy access of clean water to our consumers.


Whereas people say that companies like ours are only profit oriented, no, to us, we go beyond beer selling and ensure that we concentrate on conserving water in different communities.” said Mr. Onapito.


Onapito assured the public that anything to do with water is NBL’s key aspect. He also added that, “NBL is committed to recycling its packaging in a manner that does not tamper with the environment and is never one of the polluters in River Rwizi.”


River Rwizi faces risks such as municipal water shortages, competing water demands, flooding poor water quality and insufficient water supply among others as per the findings from a water risk assessment undertaken in the catchment.

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