Satan Is Hiding In Traffic Police – Museveni

President Museveni on Friday evening utilized the Uganda Police centenary celebrations to pour out his clearly long-held grudge against the Traffic Police

Speaking as chief guest at the event, Museveni praised the numerous commendable achievements by police under IGP Gen Kayihura but hastened to add that the force’s traffic department still harbored ‘elements of Satan.’

Museveni observed, “You know they say that when God is doing his work, Satan also comes along.”

“It is interesting. When you meet these officers they are clad in very clean white attire and you may think they are angels, yet in their midst is Satan himself.”

Museveni addressed the matter in local dialects Luganda and Swahili, saying that this was a family affair, (not meant for the foreign delegates).

The president narrated to a cheering crowd how he at one point personally nabbed traffic officers taking a bribe from a truck driver.

“One day I bumped into these angels of ours in Mabira forest. I had stopped to use one of my vehicles which I move with, and I noticed traffic officers who had stopped a truck.

“I wanted to confront them right away but I chose not to. By the time I stepped out of the vehicle, the truck had disappeared. I asked them, where is the truck?, and they told me “The truck is already gone sir!” recounted the president in Swahili.

“Saasa huyo Shetani, baada ya myaka mia moja ya polisi, lazima tumukamilishe,” noted the president, that after 100 years, the devil in the police force should be stopped.

The president however noted that amongst the bad apples, there still existed some good elements willing to serve in the force with diligence, quoting the example of a deceased traffic officer named Wafula.

Wafula was murdered by the Amin regime in 1977 after he refused to sign a police report on orders of the president, claiming that slain former police boss Col Oryema, Archbishop Janani Luwum and Oboth Ofumbi had died in a car accident.

Wafula at the event received a posthumous police medal which was received by one of his sons.

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