Sanjay Tanna Doubles Down on Racist Attack Claims

Former Tororo Municipality MP Sanjay Tanna has reiterated his earlier concerns about being a target for racist attacks ahead of the looming National Resistance Movement (NRM) elections.

Tanna, who is seeking to replace Capt. Maike Mukula as the NRM Vice Chairman in Eastern Uganda, said yesterday that he continued to be disadvantaged by the colour of his skin.

Speaking to party delegates in Kabale, Mr. Tanna accused his opponent, Mukula who has held the seat for 17years, of uttering racist statements against him.

“I have only one threat, only one problem. I have never stolen, I don’t have a police case, and I don’t have a court case but just one problem… the colour of my skin,” he said.

“So my opponent went on TV and he talked about NRM bedrooms; that we can allow people up to a certain level; but I am happy the president came out and made a statement saying we don’t believe in sectarianism”

“This is the kind of ideologically-bankrupt leaders we have at the helm. Because he’s the same person who said we don’t want westerners. Today he saying we don’t want Chinese and Indians, tomorrow he will come for the Banya’rwanda.” Tanna said.

In the meeting with Greater Kabale NRM delegates, Tanna said he was a product of NRM structures, since his youthful years to date, and would therefore work for the party if voted as the vice chairperson for eastern region.

Tanna is a Ugandan with parents of Indian descent. He was born in Uganda, raised, studied and has lived in Uganda his entire life.


Mike Mukula however, has recently come out to deny Tanna’s accusations.

He wrote to the Chairman Electoral Commission of the NRM describing the allegations as baseless rumors fabricated to dent his good reputation and public image.

“I have never been racist or sectarian and cannot and have never sunk that low. My actions are always based on mature, levelled and embracive politics which accommodate ideas of the NRM on correct ideological line.”

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