Sand Mining Companies Dragged to Court

Advocates for Natural Resources, a conservationist NGO has dragged to court several sand mining companies with the aim of blocking them from continuing with the activity in various wetlands in Lwera and Lake Victoria shores.

In their suit before the High Court’s Civil Division the applicants contend that the activities of these four sand mining companies are in violation the constitutional right to a clean and healthy environment for the surrounding communities.

The companies sued are; Capital Estates, Seroma, Zhongs Industries and Mango Tree Group.

These have been carrying out sand mining in the Lwera wetland, Nasitta, Nkozi and Lake Victoria, according to the petitioners, in a manner contrary to the permits issued by NEMA.

The petitioners among others, accuse the companies of failure to restore the mines after getting the sand, which has left wide open pits which cause flooding during rainy days, and also act as a breeding ground for mosquitoes which are dangerous to the nearby communities.

The petitioners want court to issue a permanent injunction restraining these companies from mining sand from these areas.

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