Same Gun Was Used to Murder Sheikhs Bahiga, Kirya – Expert

A ballistic expert from the Government Analytical Laboratory testified today before three International Crimes Division Court judges, clinic in the matter where 14 Muslims including clerics are facing murder, this web attempted murder and terrorism charges.

The 14 accused persons who include Tabliq leader sheikh Yunus Kamoga are accused of masterminding the shooting of fellow sheikhs Mustafa Bahiga and Hassan Kirya.

Sheikh Bahiga was murdered from Bwebajja Mosque in December 2014, Sheikh Kirya was murdered in Bweyogere in July 2015, whereas Joan Kagezi who was the lead prosecutor in the 2010 bomb suspects case was shot dead in Kiwatule on March 30th /March 2015.

In her testimony, the ballistic expert (names withheld) informed court that she was requested by Bwebajja Police Station where Sheikh Bahiga was killed, Bweyogerere police station were sheikh Kirya was killed and Police in Kiwatule  to examine exhibits which had been recovered by police from those scenes of crime.

Among the exhibit samples were bullets which were recovered from the deceased’s bodies, bullet cartridges and bullet jackets which were picked at the scene of crime.

This witness informed court that after carrying out tests on all the exhibits, she found that these bullets and other items from the four scenes of crime could have been fired by the same AK47 Riffle which has never been discovered.

“On examining all the exhibits those from Bwebajja and Kiwatule were found consistent with those from Bweyogerere. The cartridge revealed consistency orientation and therefore we concluded that these might have originated from the same gun,” said the witness.

She thus deduced that the cartridges were fired by an AK-47 gun and it’s variants manufactured in different years. She however could not ably establish the manufacturer of the weapon due to limited materials.


She further testified that  police asked her to establish whether the same riffle was  used to fire bullets that killed other Shiekhs in Mayuge district,  Old Kampala and Matugga between years 2013 and 2014.

“On the above matter I also came up with a detailed report and I handed over the report to Police”

However the witness   said   she found no similarity and relation of cartridges used  in the murders of Mayuge, Old Kampala and Matugga with those committed in Bwebajja ,  Bweyogerere and Kiwatule.

Hearing of this matter has been adjourned to tomorrow 23rd when three more witnesses are expected to give their testimony.


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