SafeBoda Accused of Sharing Client’s Personal Data with Third Party App

SafeBoda, a ride-hiring app in Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria is on the spotlight after a civil society organization released a report yesterday indicating that the app has been sharing its clients’ personal information without their consent.

According to the civil society organization called Unwanted Witnesses, SafeBoda initially shared information with Facebook using a Software Development Kit.

This software shared users’ information even when they didn’t have Facebook accounts or even the Facebook app on their phones. When the organization found out, they reached out to SafeBoda proprietors who then they removed the software.

To their disappointment, SafeBoda started using yet another app called CleverTap. This app is used to get users’ phone numbers, phone models, location, time zone, user names and internet providers.

Although SafeBoda has a non Third party disclosure in its Terms and Conditions, the report released by Unwanted Witness shows that they don’t go by their own Terms and Conditions.

It also shows that SafeBoda is in breach of Section 7 of the Data Protection and Privacy Act of 2019 which is against sharing of personal data without consent or prior information.

Over 1,000,000 people continue to use the app to deliver their goods, buy groceries, load airtime among other services. The Third party app compromises the safety of all the users of SafeBoda since their personal information has been shared.

When we reached out to SafeBoda, they declined to give a comment.



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