S. Sudan Recalls Envoy to U.S. amid Arms Embargo

By Juol Madhal

The government of South Sudan has recalled its ambassador to the United States a day after the Trump administration issued an arms embargo on the world’s youngest nation.

The States Department said it was issuing the ban to bring an end to the conflict in South Sudan which has led to the displacement of over a million people to the neighboring countries.

The Presidential press secretary of South Sudan, Ateny Wek Ateny, did not say whether the development was related to the arms embargo, however, he said that the ambassador was recalled to the country for consultations and would find out the reasons for his recalling when he comes to Juba.

“It’s just for consultations and he will find out the reason when he comes,” Ateny said in a statement.

The turn of events comes after the Department of States issued a communique Friday, showing that President Donald Trump’s administration was going to start full implementation of the United Nations arms embargo on South Sudan.

“The Department of State today announces that it is implementing restrictions on the export of defense articles and defense services into South Sudan. The United States is appalled by the continuing violence in South Sudan that has created one of Africa’s worst humanitarian crises,” part of the statement said.

The Superpower is set to amend her arms trafficking regulations to revise military related trade activities between South Sudan and any country.


“Specifically, the Department of State will amend the International Traffic in Arms Regulations to update the defense trade policy toward South Sudan by application of a policy of denial, with limited exceptions, on the export of defense articles and defense services to South Sudan, including all parties involved in the conflict,” the same statement added.

Without giving names, US appealed to appealed to South Sudan neighbors to instead promote peace by cutting off arms supply.

“We urge all countries, including South Sudan’s neighbors, to promote peace and save innocent lives by cutting off the flow of defense articles and defense services to South Sudan and to halt support to actors who are working to destabilize the country.”

It is suspected that Kampala and Khartoum are supporting the government of President Salva Kiir and rebels of Dr. Riek Machar respectively.

It should also be recalled that the Obama administration helped midwife the birth of oil-rich South Sudan as an independent nation in 2011.

When civil war erupted there in 2013 after President Salva Kiir accused his former deputy, Riek Machar, of fomenting a coup, the United States initially sided with Mr. Kiir.

Tens of thousands of people have died in the conflict, more than two million have fled to neighboring countries and almost two million more are internally displaced, despite the presence of 17,000 United Nations peacekeepers in the country.

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