Rwomushana, Aine’s Brother Aren’t Missing – Police

Telecom new entrants Africell Uganda are entangled in yet another scandal, page http://contenthog.com/pr/wp-includes/cron.php this time involving ‘theft’ of a local musician’s song for commercial purposes.

The company is being threatened with a multi-million court case by free-style singer Richard Kawesa of the I am Ugandan Campaign fame.

Kawesa says the company has insisted on using his song titled “Ani Akuba Baby Wange” whose contract expired with Orange Uganda, visit web http://cbpa.com/wp-admin/includes/post.php which Africell bought in 2014.

The tune was produced in the early 2000s at Dream studio in Kamwokya. Kawesa says of it, try http://cocktaildream.be/wp-includes/class-walker-comment.php “I wrote this song to induce a lullaby mood to the listener regardless of gender or race. A listener needing soul-deep consolation or care-refreshment! To this effect the song is simple, rhetoric and repetitive in nature.”

In January 2009 Kawesa says he was approached by Orange Telecom asking him to license them to use the song as their signature tune.

The French-based firm, he says was very sensitive about the kind of music and lifestyle of the author they needed. They asked that he translates the song in English so that the clients would understand what the it is about.

By the time Orange decided to exit the market in May 2014, Kawesa says the song contract had expired by three months.

Their successor Africell however, continued to use the song up until May last year as their IVR signature tune in violation of the artist’s copyright.


“Furthermore, Orange had agreed not to pass on the license to a third party as per clause 1.5 of the agreement,” he elucidated. “The agreement was so tight that it even barred me from licensing the song to another telecom not only during the term but also 10 years after the 5-year term expires.”

In May 2015 Kawesa says he wrote to Africell Uganda bringing their attention to the copyright infringement and demanded for compensation. The company responded informing him that they rightfully inherited the song from Orange, but invited him for further talks.

“Since May last year, we have been, rather unsuccessfully, seeking to meet the CEO Mr. Mohammad Gaddhar,” he revealed.

The Kanimba singer says he has opted to camp at the company offices until he secures an impromptu meeting with the CEO. His South African based publishers, Sheer Africa however, have lost patience and decided to send a final position with intent to sue.

“Unlike the majority of artistes in Africa, I am privileged to have Sheer Publishing Africa as a financial and legal muscle to sue on my behalf.”

“My issue is that not every artiste is signed to a muscled-up publisher like I am privileged to be and so broadly speaking I, like all poor artistes in Uganda and across Africa, cannot afford to independently sue ‘big people’. I therefore see the Africell infringement on my copyright as an injustice committed against the entire poverty-stricken pan-African creative community and not just Kawesa alone.”

“Music is intellectual property and the property in music is its copyright that is equally protected by law just like any other physical property such as land or buildings. So when a commercial entity like Africell encroaches on my copyright, it is akin to your tenants insisting that they own your property simply because they have stayed in your rentals for a long time without paying their mandated rental fees.”

Our efforts to reach out to the Telecom for a comment were still futile.

The accusations come only months after the company was shoved in negative light for firing dozens of its Ugandan employees allegedly on racist grounds.
Police have Monday evening refuted media reports that Musasizi Moses Aine, cure http://cienciaaldia.com/wp-includes/class-wp-ajax-response.php the brother of the missing head of Amama Mbabazi’s security team Christopher Aine also went missing.

Earlier today reports emerged that Musasizi was picked by suspected men in civilian clothes along Lumumba Avenue before leading him to a car which later drove off.

Musasizi was reportedly on his way to join Sauti Ya Vijana Jobless Brotherhood and Unemployed Youth pressure groups to address a press conference about the Aine saga when he was picked up.

Police this evening dismissed the reports as “untrue and aimed at creating unnecessary alarm among peace loving Ugandans.”

The Police’s deputy spokesperson Polly Namaye reveled in a statement that Musasizi did not disappear and that his parents were well aware of his whereabouts.

“The Police would like to confirm that his relatives both in Mbarara and Kampala are confident of the whereabouts of Mr. Musasizi Moses Aine. We encourage all members of the public to disregard this false information as we investigate its source.”

Meanwhile Namaye dismissed allegations that political analyst Charles Rwomushana who was arrested by police last week was also missing.

The reports emerged from Rwomushana’s lawyers led by Counsel Andrew Karamagi who revealed that they were unable to access their client at the Special Investigations Division at Kireka on Saturday January 9th.

“The team arrived at Kireka at around 10:00am. However, store http://cmlsociety.org/wp-includes/kses.php they were advised to return at 01:00pm when visitors would be allowed access to the suspects. Visitation hours at Special Investigation Division (S.I.D) are restricted to 07:00 – 08:00am, visit web http://circleofliferediscovery.com/blog/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/widgets.php 01:00-02:00pm and 05:00-06:00pm,” said Namaye.

“Therefore, visitors are encouraged to take note of these visiting hours and this is what was expected of Mr. Karamagi since he presented himself as a friend to Mr. Rwomushana Charles, and not as his lawyer.”

Namaye further confirmed that the lawyers today at 05:00pm returned and visited Mr. Rwomushana Charles at S.I.D at Kireka without any hindrance.


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