Rwenzori People Gather for Region Rebranding

Ugandans hailing from the Rwenzori region under the Rwenzori Fraternity Association (RFA) were on Saturday treated to a get together sports gala at Kyambogo University aimed at uniting and rebranding the region before face of the country.

The gala was flanked by the region’s stronger men including the State Minister for Lands, information pills Persis Namuganzi, Kasese District Chairman, Geoffrey Sibendire and many other business proprietors operating both with Kampala and Kasese.

RFA Publicity Secretary Capson Sausi told Chimpreports on Saturday that “The thinking behind this is that Rwenzori has had a negative publicity for a very long period of time, every time Rwenzori flashes on TV screens is when we have killed each other with Pangas, bad politics and natural disasters so it hurts us as people from the region.”

“We care that the country looks at us as totally disorganized people who can only kill each other. So we decided that we come up with an event like this bringing together people from the same region so as to celebrate our oneness and demonstrate to the country that we can be together and actually we love each other,” Sausi noted.

Sausi said that One of the objectives of RFA is to research the things that divide the Rwenzori people back home and try to work with other stake holders like government and other people to find lasting solutions to the problems that the people face.

“The event was organized with three objectives; to unite our people and we have had a set of games that strengthen our unity, to mobilize our communities to participate in several projects Rwenzori like operation wealth creation and the different government programs so that people could participate and fight poverty themselves.

“The third is that we normally have social shocks as the people of the region and we are using the platform to be able to help each other.

“We are now establishing a welfare fund where our people would be able to get financial help.”

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