98% Vote to Amend Rwanda Constitution

Majority Rwandans have voted in favour of the revised constitution that will among other things allow President Paul Kagame to contest for a third term in 2017, pharm pharmacy Chimp Corps report.

The adjusted Constitution also allows Kagame to seek two more five-year terms should he win another 7-year term at end of 2017.

Wild jubilations were recorded across the country as soon as the National Electoral Commission chairperson, generic Prof. Kalisa Mbanda announced the provisional results showing popular support for the amended Constitution.

“The general provisional results indicate that the turnout is 98.28 percent, ” said Kalisa.

“98.13 percent voted ‘yes’ while 1.71 percent voted ‘no’ in this election,” added the NEC chief.

Provisional results in Kirehe District showed that 98.59 percent voted in favour of the new Constitution while a paltry 1.41 percent voted ‘no.’

0.57 percent of the votes in Kirehe were invalid.

In Rwamagana, 99.78 percent voted ‘yes’ yet 0.2 percent were opposed to the Constitutional amendments. 0.44 percent of the total vote count was declared invalid.


In Bugesera District, 99.07 percent were supportive of the new law book while just 0.93 percent maintained their opposition to the changes in the Constitution. The rest of the votes were invalid.

Observers say the referendum is a big test of the popularity of President Kagame and his party, RPF ahead of the 2017 general elections.

Kagame, who commanded the RPF guerrilla force that stopped the genocide in 1994 before embarking on the rigorous journey of rebuilding of the nation, is seen by many as a hero.

The young generation born after the genocide sees in Kagame, a revolutionary leader determined to push the country to greater heights.

However, Kagame has also been equally criticised for suppressing dissent and harassing political opponents – charges he vehemently denies.


Speaking after casting his vote on Friday, Kagame was asked on what new thing he would offer to Rwanda.

He responded:  “Let them first look at the record – maybe we can build from that.”

He further said Rwandans have the “future in their own hands.”

On the ‘big announcement,’ the ruling RPF chairman said it would come “any time.”

Diaspora Voting pattern

96.58 percent of Rwandans who participated in the referendum in Turkey voted for adjustments in the Constitution with only 3.42 percent voting ‘no’. The rest of the votes were invalid.

More results


97.35% – Yes

2.65% No

0.88 % Null


100% – Yes

0 % – No

0 % – Null


97.64% – Yes

2.36%    – No

2.17%   – Null


100% – Yes

0 %      – No

0 %     – Null

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