Rwandans Seek Answers on Malaria Spread

President Yoweri Museveni has heaped praises onto the ruling NRM government and himself for their ability to facilitate the recovery of the country’s economy which he said had collapsed prior to his capture of power in 1986.

“In the bush we would attack one police station get 10 guns, buy more about do the same the next day. We did like that for a number of days and that way we were able to build a strong army, viagra sale ” Museveni said while addressing residents at Nankoma village in Bugiri district on Monday.

“The 8 year I spent fighting Iddi Amin and the 5 years in the bush was not a joke. We could have spent one year in the bush and return home but it was not possible as we took the war slowly by slowly until we won.  This culture became part of our history.”

Museveni said that the bush war taught him a lot of things including among others how to plan and spend; which tactics he said are still applied in government today.

The president said that using the same method of prioritization, government was in 2006 able to increase  funding for both electricity and defense budget which he noted has  proved fruitful with almost all districts having electricity supply whereas there is total peace throughout the country.

“When you see us host the Commonwealth Summit and recently the Pope, this is because of the culture we learnt from the bush of taking things slowly by slowly. Many of those people who don’t know how we do things would want us to rush but they just speak anyhow. We do things systematically.”

 NRM Secretariat

Comparing it to the church, Museveni said it was the role of the NRM secretariat to disseminate information to people on how government programs work but said it was unfortunate that the previous secretariat just folded hands when it came to this responsibility.


“In a church you have to preach to the followers very Sunday and if you don’t do so, most of them will lose track. I hope the new NRM secretariat will be able to disseminate the gospel to the people unlike the previous one that never told people what was happening,” he noted.

He said government has now embarked on seeing individual incomes increase adding that development is not worth it if people are still poor.

Museveni blamed the locals for stagnating government projects like roads because of compensation which he said is a small issue which cannot delay development.

“Nobody is refusing to compensate people occupying places where roads are top pass but this should not delay development. Uganda is a big term enterprise and you can be paid later but not delaying development.”

He said that government will increase funds for youth, women, microfinance and NAADS in a bid to increase people’s incomes.

 Museveni mentioned some “hyenas in government” who are ready to feast on money meant for the people and noted this cannot stop him from sending the money but they will have to be fought.

He equated the thieves in government to a dog whose back has hardened due to stealing meat but said he would keep on beating the dog until it stops the habit.

“The Banyankole have a saying that you should not fear going to bed for fear of having a bad dream .You just sleep if the dream is frightening it will come to pass. In the same manner we shall not fear those who steal government money. We will keep on sending the money but we will have to deal with whoever tampers with it.”
The Rwandan government has come under fire from citizens to explain why malaria has been spreading widely across the country, generic Chimp Corps report.

This came up during the ongoing National Dialogue commonly known as Umushyikirano at Camp Kigali.

“We want to know why malaria cases are on the rise, approved ” queried a concerned citizen.

President Paul Kagame who is chairing the two-day function said the Health Minister should immediately respond to the question.

The Health Minister Agnes Binagwaho admitted that indeed malaria had spread across the nation due to several reasons including climate change and the bugs’ resistance to insecticides.

She said the health ministry had “so far distributed 1.6 million mosquito bed nets as a preventive measure against the disease.” The minister said government will further ensure that 4.3 millions mosquito bed nets are provided to Rwandans in 2016.

She elaborated that the new insecticides being procured by government are stronger despite the cost being high. As she explained government’s interventions, prostate President Kagame was taking notes as well as listening attentively.

Kagame recently grilled ministers over corruption, incompetence and failure to swiftly respond to the people’s problems.

“I will fight you,” Kagame warned at a meeting of government officials early this year. He also spoke on allegations of fraudulent activities in the healthcare scheme managed by the Health Ministry.

At the Umushyikirano, Binagwaho said Rwandan experts were collaborating with Egypt to study new insecticides that could strengthen the fight against malaria.

She further said unnecessary water bodies which act as breeding grounds for mosquitoes that spread the disease would be eliminated.

The minister elaborated that a new electronic system has been put in place to monitor the treatment of patients and preventive strategies put in place to combat the disease.

Malaria cases in Rwanda rose at 68 percent last year to reach 1,598,076, against 947,689 cases recorded in 2013, according to figures released by the Rwandan Ministry of Health.

Malaria is the fourth most deadly disease in Rwanda after neonatal diseases, lung diseases and cardiovascular diseases. The National Dialogue which kicked off on Monday ends today.

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