Rwandans in Uganda Urged to Register for Next Month’s Elections

The High Commissioner of the Republic of Rwanda Frank Mugambage has Friday urged all Rwandese living in Uganda to go and register for the voters’ cards in preparation for the coming elections.

The registration for voters’ cards is ongoing at the Rwanda Embassy in Kampala on Kitante Road.

While speaking to the media, Mugambage also revealed that like in 2010, the Rwandans in Uganda will vote at the Embassy.

“Arrangements have been made for all our people in the diaspora to register and vote wherever they are because it’s their right as citizens of Rwanda to participate and get a free and fair election,” he said.

Currently there are 6.8 million Rwandese expected to vote of which 55,000 are in the diaspora.

The nominated candidates for the elections are the incumbent Paul Kagame of the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RFP) Frank Habineza (Democratic Green Party) and Philip Mpayimana.

These have been on the campaign trail which started July on 14th July and will end on August 3rd, a day before the general elections.

“The eligible voters will vote on 4th August and the final results will be announced on the 16th of August giving way for the new President that will be leading the country,” said the ambassador.

“As Rwandese we will not stop emphasizing good governance because it has taken us from bad times to good times. That’s why our people should take voting as a responsibility”.

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