Rwandan Army Kills 3 Suspected Rebels In Nyungwe Forest

The Rwandan Special Forces have killed three suspected militants following an intense pursuit in Nyungwe forest on the border with Burundi, Chimp Corps report.

“Following Saturday’s attack in Kitabi Sector, the RDF has pursued the assailants and killed three while the rest fled in Burundi,” said Military Spokesperson Lt Col Innocent Munyengango on Tuesday morning.

“The RDF also rescued civilians who were missing after the attack,” he added.

The rebels who attacked Rwanda last week set fire to three passenger vehicles, killing two civilians and injuring eight.

Munyengango said “of the civilians injured in the Saturday attack and undergoing treatment, two have died from their injuries.”

This brings to four the death toll of the attack.

Earlier, the rebels killed two Rwanda soldiers, according to President Paul Kagame.

The army publicist said some of the fleeing assailants “escaped into Burundi,” a claim we couldn’t immediately verify.


The Rwandan army further said it “rescued all the civilians that the assailants attempted to abduct, some received counseling before being sent home.”

The spokesperson added: “We also recovered several items stolen from victims but many of them had been destroyed.”

That was the third time in a few months that rebels were attacking Rwanda.

On July 1, an armed gang with rifles attacked Nyaruguru District in Nyabimata Sector, Ruhinga Cell in Cyamuzi Village.

Rwanda National Police said then the militants had attacked through Nyungwe forest from Burundi and fled back in the same direction.

At the time, the police further said, “This is a similar incident that occurred in the same district less than two weeks ago.”

Kagame warning

Addressing the media in Kigali last Friday, Kagame spoke about Rwanda’s tense relations with Burundi.

“We have not been sucked into these provocations because that would be giving them what they want, to prove their point that they have no other problem except Rwanda,” he warned.

President Pierre Nkurunziza accuses Rwanda of destabilizing Burundi by providing a sanctuary and logistics to dissidents who perpetrated the failed 2015 coup in Bujumbura.

The situation along the Rwanda-Burundi border remains tense considering the worsening diplomatic relations between both countries.

Nkurunziza, in a letter to East African Community chairman, President Yoweri Museveni, said he considers Rwanda an “enemy country.”

Meanwhile, Kagame on Friday warned he would not tolerate neighbors who threaten his country’s security.

“When it comes to us, our history, we don’t take any security challenge lightly. They say once bitten, twice shy,” said Kagame.

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