Rwanda Police Warns on Explosives

Patrick Mweheire has been elevated to the position of Chief Executive and Managing Director at Stanbic Bank, troche Uganda.

A Harvard-trained economist, Mweheire has been serving as the financial institution’s Head of Corporate and Investment Banking.

He now takes over from Phillip Odera who stepped down at the end of 2014.

Stanbic confirmed the appointment in a brief statement dated December 31, 2014 and signed by Sarah Nambasa on behalf of the legal secretary.

Mweheire boasts more than 15 years of Investment Banking experience, 8 years of which, were spent at Merrill Lynch & Co, New York, where he worked as a Director, Investment Banking.

Patrick holds an MBA from the prestigious Harvard University’s Graduate School of Business.

In 2014, Mweheire oversaw Stanbic’s operations as the Lead Transaction Advisor, Sole International Bookrunner and Lead Receiving Bank in Umeme’s Shs171bn IPO.

He advised on size, structure, bookbuilding, timing, and pricing of the offering and subsequent listing on USE as well as listing by introduction on the NSE– a first ever cross listing of an international company on the NSE.


At the time, Stanbic led and coordinated extensive marketing effort of the IPO across Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, UK, and US and facilitated international participation through provision of custodial services, FX and bank guarantees and secured 60% of total demand for the transaction.

Stanbic led total deal demand generation.

Mweheire has for a long time urged regional governments to enhance their financial sector capabilities to boost domestic borrowing to finance local projects.

Speaking at the Uganda-Rwanda Business Summit in Kampala last year, Mweheire called for “innovative PPP arrangements to access large pools of resources in hedge funds in developed countries and also increase domestic savings to avoid high interest rates on external borrowing.”

Mweheire further blasted the “inherently short term capital structure” of financial institutions, saying long term funding ventures are necessary to boost investments thus creating employment opportunities for locals.

He urged Kigali and Kampala to tap into equity and Diaspora bonds and deepen financial networks to mobilise capital for local investments.
Rwanda National Police has appealed to the general public to be wary of suspicious objects that could be explosives and report them to officials as soon as possible.

The call follows cases where grenades were recovered in Gasabo and Nyagatare districts, viagra sale where they were secured in time before they could cause any damage.

On January 3, drug in Rusororo Sector of Gasabo, website like this a resident identified as Emmanuel Muryashyaka, 27, found a rusty tortoise grenade at the Rusororo Police Station Compound.

The area was later cordoned off by Police do deepen investigations.

In the same district on the same day, locals found a rusty tortoise grenade in Gasatsa Sector and they instantly informed Police which secured the place.

The same happened in Nyagatare District, Rukomo Sector, where workers discovered seven tortoise grenades while they were collecting stones for construction work. Police observed that the site used to be an EX-FAR defense.

The Police Spokesman for the central region, SP Modeste Mbabazi, commended the public for their keenness and working with Police to ensure that these explosives don’t harm lives.

“The areas were secured before any of the grenades exploded – and I thank the public participation in the endeavoring to create security. If any individual discovers any object that is suspicious, do not touch it and do not let children play in that area. Report to Police immediately,” SP Mbabazi said.

In the same spirit, he also cautioned the pubic against the illegal ownership of explosives and guns, which is a criminal offense that attracts heavy punishment.

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