Rwanda Meteorology Agency Predicts Heavy Rains in 2017

Research from different specialists including the IGAD climate prediction and applications center ICPAC along with Rwanda’s Meteorology agency has indicated that 2017 might be a year of heavy rains.

In Rwanda, discount Several districts in the northern part of the country, pharm parts of kigali city, and some parts of the southern and western province might face heavy rains unlike past years as recorded. This might happen due to changes in climate, and the high rise of elnino whose predictions, according to Meteorology Agency, rose to 89%.

“Although the forecasts show heavy rains in the country, parts of the eastern province just like previous seasons rain will be normal at around 300 to 400mm on a weather station,” said John Ntaganda Semafara the Rwanda Meteorology boss

Ntaganda warned residents of the areas where heavy rainfall if expected to take caution; urging agricultural experts to senstise people on how to face the challenges that may happen amidist the heavy rains.

Normally Rwanda experiences two sunny and two rainy seasons from March to May and October to December respectively.

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