RWANDA: Diane Rwigara Terminates Belgian Citizenship to Run for Presidency

Prof Kaliisa Mbanda the Rwanda National Electoral Commission (NEC) chairman has received supporting documents from independent Diane Shima Rwigara backing her presidential bid.

According to the Rwandan constitution, Independent candidates are required to submit 13 documents including 600 endorsing signatures with at least 12 signatures from each district, a birth certificate, voter’s card and a criminal record document.

Also as part of the requirements, one of the aspirant’s parents has to be Rwandan and a document proving the candidate leaves in Rwanda is also required.

Among other submitted documents, Rwigara also submitted a copy of supporting document that she terminated her Belgian citizenship.

Speaking to media after submitting the documents, she confirmed her intentions to contest for presidency as an independent candidate.

“I am confident I can win because I know Rwandans need change although they don’t speak. Rwandan currency lost value, prices of goods keep rising as the government also imposes heavy taxes on citizens. Am confident I will win if elections are free and fair,” she said.

Currently NEC has received documents from independent Diane Shima Rwigara, Green Party’s Dr Frank Habineza, independent Gilbert Mwenedata and Fred Sekikubo Barafinda.

However Mwenedata and Barafinda’s documents were incomplete and were urged to clarify them before the deadline of submission approaches.

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