Rwanda Defence Force Launches Fight Against Fall Army Worm

Rwanda Defence Force, this web in collaboration with other government partners, cialis 40mg has launched a countrywide operation aiming at eradicating the Fall Army Worm, treatment a devastating insect that has become a real threat to the national food security.

The unfamiliar insects appeared first in Nyamagabe District in February 2017, and later spread in almost all Districts of the country.

They are known to feed on more than 80 plant species, including cereals (maize, millet, sorghum, sugarcane, rice and wheat), legumes (cowpea, groundnuts and soybean), cotton and many pasture grasses (Rhodes grass, Kikuyu grass, Lucerne and other pasture grasses).

The destructive stage of the pest is the caterpillar. It can be identified by its inverted Y mark on the front of the head and four large spots towards the end of the abdomen.

The caterpillar feeds aggressively on most parts of the plant including the leaves, stems, maize cobs and tassels except the roots.

The symptoms of damage include leaf perforation, defoliation, perforated cobs and damaged grains. This feeding damage results in a reduction in both yield and grain quality.

Pyrethrum EWC+ is the pesticide that is being used countrywide by the RDF, partners and the farmers in fighting the Fall Army Worm.

The pesticide has been designed and is produced by SOPYRWA, a Ministry of Defence affiliated company.

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