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Rwanda Coronavirus Cases Rise to 50; the Highest in East African Region

Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in Rwanda with cases surging to 50, Chimp Corps report.

Rwanda’s Health Ministry this Thursday night confirmed an additional nine cases.

This means Rwanda has the highest number of Coronavirus cases in the East African region.

Kenya yesterday confirmed three new cases, bringing to 31 the total number of the virus victims in the country.

Uganda’s Coronavirus cases stand at 14 while Burundi and South Sudan are yet to register any case.

The total number of patients with Covid-19 in Tanzania reached 13 cases this week.

Rwanda said most of the Coronavirus cases traveled through Dubai.

“Five travelers who arrived from Dubai were isolated from arrival,” said the Ministry.


A traveler who arrived in Kigali from United States was confirmed as well as another person who transited through Netherlands “who is also a contact of a previously confirmed positive traveler” has been isolated.

Two more contacts of previously confirmed positive travelers have also been isolated.

In all its press statements, the Ministry has maintained that “all patients are under treatment and in stable condition in an isolated health facility,” adding, “The majority are asymptomatic, and no patient is in critical condition.”

The coronavirus COVID-19, which is affecting 199 countries and territories around, the world has so far killed 24,093 people.

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