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Rwanda Blasts HRW Over Gikondo Detention Claims

By Fred Mwambu and Godfrey Tugume

Amos Ndyagumanawe, symptoms 25, made a sweet revenge over 2012 Nile Special National pool championship winner Alfred Gumikiriza defeating him 7-5 in the best of thirteen finals to claim the top prize in this year’s edition. The two tussled out in the 2012 finals.

Alfred Gumikiriza came into the tournament as thePool Association of Uganda (PAU) seed one. The ‘Black Sheep’ as he is commonly known defeated Richard Kayiiya 6-4 in the semi finals.

The eventual champion, Amos Ndyagumanawe completely whitewashed Innocent Rukundo 5-0 in the quarters  before over coming Humphreye Nsubuga 6-2 in the last four.

Arguably the biggest shocker of the day,  Eric Mugabo humiliated eighth seed Ezra Kaggwa by 3-0  early in the second round.

Ndyagumanawe walked away with a brand new Toyota Mark II, Shs 2 million cash prize, a new a winner’s jacket and brand new pool tables while Gumisiriza got  a pool table and Ug.shs 1M.

While speaking tour reporter Ndyabanawe said it was a dream come true for him to step on  top of a career he humbly started at the the age of 8 in Kabale town.



Ndyagumanawe Amos
7-5 Gumikiriza Alfred

Alfred Gumikiriza 6-4 Richard Kayiiya

Amos Ndyagumanawe 6-2 Humphrey Nsubuga

Quarter-Finals Results:
Alfred Gumikiriza 5-0 Juma Tomusange

Kranimer Kibirige 4-5 Richard Kayiiya

Amos Ndyagumanawe 5-0 Innocent Rukundo

Humphrey Nsubuga 5-2 Fahad Ssewankambo

Second Round Results:
Alfred Gumikirza 3-1 Moses Mukwaya

Muhammad Luutu 1-3 Oscar Ocakacon

Naboth Baryamushenga 0-3 Bruce Abahairwe

Uthman Bukenya 3-1 Davis Akankwasa

Juma Tomusange 3-0 Hakim Baguma

Eric Akwi 3-1 Sulaiman Wadoola

Musa Ssekiliba 3-1 Sharif Raju

Eric Mugabo 3-0 Ezra Kaggwa

Sula Matovu 3-2 David Muhairwe

Emma Ociti 3-2 Naboth Aliganyira

Edward Kiwanuka 1-3 Gonda Alisyious

Kranimer Kibirige 1-3 Steven Sentongo

Kevin Kaboha 3-1 Simon Peter Ekuru

Glorious Ssenyonjo 3-2 Joram Nabasa

Previous winner:
2001 – Bob Meneni
2003 – Jeff Miiro
2008 – Jonah  Turigye
2009  -Fred  Namanya
2011 – Halifan Ntwali
2012 – Alfred  Gumikiriza
2013 – Jonah  Turigye
2014 -Fahad Ssewankambo
2015 – Amos Ndyagumanawe
Rwanda has denied claims by Human Rights Watch that authorities are arbitrarily arresting and unlawfully holding some of the country’s most vulnerable people in an unofficial detention center at Gikondo.

The 48-page report, rx “‘Why Not Call This Place a Prison?’: Unlawful Detention and Ill Treatment in Rwanda’s Gikondo Transit Center, viagra buy ” documents alleged prolonged and unlawful detention in the center, treatment in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, between 2011 and 2015.

HRW said the arbitrary detention of people such as street vendors, sex workers, beggars, homeless people, and suspected petty criminals at Gikondo reflects an unofficial policy of keeping people the authorities consider “undesirable” away from the public eye.

Until 2014, many street children were also detained there, according to HRW.

Commenting on the report, Rwanda’s Minister of Justice, Johnston Busingye, emphasised that “all detention facilities in Rwanda are properly legislated and run in accordance with United Nations standards, and national laws that affirm those principles.”

He explained that the transit centre has and continues to play an important role in the rehabilitation of those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Minister Busingye further reiterated that the country’s recent history has involved a lot of trauma and family conflict: “Victims of such situations, even if they end up in crime or delinquency, are better off when offered another chance in life. The Government of Rwanda stands by its policy of rehabilitation rather than incarceration. This policy has worked in the past and will continue to do so into the future.”

While HRW insists that Rwanda should charge drug addicts and other criminals with serious crimes that carry jail terms, Busingye said the country has instead “chosen to focus on rehabilitating and reintegrating them to offer the chance for a better life.”

This policy of rehabilitation over incarceration, according to the Minister, is one example of how Rwanda has found unique solutions to the challenges the country faces.

“Gikondo is not a detention centre. It is a transit centre and people are held there for a short period before longer term remedial or corrective measures are taken,” he advised.

“The later consists of rehabilitating and reintegrating former drug addicts and city dwellers – through drug rehabilitation and learning a trade to prevent repetition – and supporting them to reunite with their families.”

The Minister revealed that over 7,000 Rwandans have completed the transition programme and are now working in carpentry, masonry, welding, tailoring, and bee-keeping cooperatives – improving their wellbeing for a brighter future.

Daniel Bekele, Africa director at Human Rights Watch, said Kigali is often praised for its cleanliness and tidiness, but its poorest residents have been paying the price for this positive image.

“The contrast between the immaculate streets of central Kigali and the filthy conditions in Gikondo couldn’t be starker,” he observed.

However, the Government of Rwanda said it takes all allegations of human rights abuses seriously, however speculative they may be and that any information related to possible abuses is welcome and will be thoroughly investigated and appropriate action taken.

“To facilitate this, the National Police has a toll free hotline which can be used anytime to report any abuses. The office of the Ombudsman and the National Commission for Human Rights also welcome any information on human rights violations so that they can be fully investigated,” said the government in a statement seen by ChimpReports on Thursday.

Government also criticised HRW’s methods of work, describing as “unfortunate” the human rights group decision to “deliberately mislead people with false statements that serve only to undermine Rwanda’s efforts to provide a better life for its citizens.”

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