Rwampara: Tanga Odoi Fires ‘Wiseacre’ NRM Registrar as Molly Asiimwe Wins Woman MP Race

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Electoral Commission chairman, Tanga Odoi, has fired the party’s registrar in Rwampara, Richard Asiimwe, for trying to alter results of last week’s NRM primaries in the area.

“That man Asiimwe is a wiseacre,” charged Odoi, “I know him, he was my student.”

Odoi said Asiimwe’s tenure and District Election Officer had been “terminated with immediate effect.”

Asiimwe was also instructed to “hand over all party documents, accountability for all the monies recently disbursed to you for payment of sub-county, parish and village registrars and any other monies you accessed as a District Election officers for payment of staff.”

Asiimwe is said to have planned to rig the Rwampara Woman MP seat primaries in favour of a one Annah Kansiime.

Molly Asiimwe, an assistant of First Lady Janet Museveni, won the Rwampara Woman MP seat with 17,808 votes.

Odoi said cooked results favouring Kansiime, who “came second” were “null and void.”

“Your termination takes immediate effect and please hand over to Mr Muzoora, the Assistant Election Officer. The RDC Rwampara has been requested to ensure that you abide by these instructions,” Odoi told registrar Asiimwe.


The NRM chairman, President Museveni, has vowed to address violence and electoral malpractices in the ruling party

“The shallow crooks still think they can bribe, can intimidate, can assault or can, even, alter results of the obvious that was witnessed by hundreds. This is incredible shallowness. The cheating in the NRM Primaries is over,” said Museveni.

“Those who altered results, will go to jail on forgery, fraud, subversion etc. and their forgeries will not stand. We do not even have to repeat the elections, except where they were not held. We simply need to audit what happened in each village.”

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