Rwakakamba ‘Wrongly’ Paid Salary After Resigning, Set to Return It

Former Special Presidential Assistant in charge of Research and information Morrison Rwakakamba has flagged an anomaly in which he was paid salary for work he did not do, side effects and is asking to return it.

Rwakakamba says he was wrongly paid government salary for the month of May, stomach yet he resigned from the Office of the President the previous month (April).

The outspoken former presidential advisor tendered in his resignation on April 18, as Special Presidential Advisor and also head of the newly formed Government Citizen Interaction Centre (GCIC).

He says he was surprised therefore, to find on his account this week, payment for the month of May which he did not work for.

“On Wednesday, May 31 2017, my account at Housing Finance Bank Ltd …was credited with salary amount of Uganda Shillings 1,743,382,” wrote Rwakakamba to his former employers at the Office of the President.

“From the moment I handed in my resignation, I ceased to be an employee and also ceased to hold the portfolios indicated above with the meaning of Article 252 of the Constitution.”

In the June 1st letter to the Secretary to the Office of the President, Rwakakamba asked to be furnished with bank details of the Office, to be able to return the money.

The former presidential advisor and outspoken defender of the ruling government unprecedentedly resigned in April from his two positions, without providing proper reasons.

He said he intended to “re-join non-State sector and focus on Agricultural production, public policy inquiry and international public interest consulting.”

Rwakakamba is the founding Chief Executive Officer at Agency for Transformation (AfT), a think tank on agriculture and environmental policy.

Born in from Nyeibingo, Kebisoni, Rukungiri District in South Western Uganda, Rwakakamba is also a Special Assistant to the President of Uganda, charged with research and information in the Presidency.

Currently, he is HIID Merit Scholar & Mason Fellow in Public Policy Management, at Harvard University – Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

He received his first degree in Education from Makerere University, Kampala in 2003.

Before attending the School of political science at Makerere University where he obtained a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies (IRDS) in 2006.

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