Ruto Praises Museveni on K’Jong Disarmament

The Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto has praised President Yoweri Museveni on the success made by the Ugandan government in disarming the Karamojong cattle rustlers in the north eastern region.

On Wednesday, viagra order President Museveni and his guest Ruto jointly addressed a press briefing at a State Lodge in Kapchorwa district.

Mr. Ruto recognized that unlike Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan, Uganda has successfully managed to remove guns from her pastoral community, noting the neighbors are struggling to do the same.

“I appreciate the move by Uganda to fully disarm the Karamoja region. Lack of peace in the area had hampered the course of development but now every good thing that was impossible is,” Mr. Ruto said.

The four East African countries with a common semi-arid bordering point have nomadic communities that move from place to with their animals in search of pastures and water.

The armed communities are Pokot and Turkana in Western Kenya, Topotha and Diding in the south east of South Sudan, the Duende in south western Ethiopia and the now disarmed Karamojongs in the north eastern Uganda.

In 2002 government using the national army UPDF started the disarmament program in Karamoja region and by 2007 about 40,000 guns had been removed from the ethnic warriors.

A full ministry for the sub-region was created under the Office of the Prime Minister to ignite development in the area which was almost forgotten by country.


The state minister for the region, Barbra Nekesa Oundo recently told ChimpReports at her residence in Moroto town that the disarmament exercise had made the pacification of Karamoja easier.

While campaigning in Moroto municipality recently, Museveni told the Karamojongs not to worry about attacks from the neighboring communities who are still armed.

The UPDF has been deployed across the border to contain the rustlers from neighboring countries.

“I have heard your (Karamojongs) concerns about possible attacks. No one should worry because we have the solution. The UPDF is everywhere along their paths to our country,” Museveni said.

The president added that some people wanted him to cross over and do the [disarmament] job himself in the neighboring countries.

“I have been asked by many people why I have not entered Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia to disarm the rustlers who attack our people here (Karamojong) but I told them that’s not my job. My job is to protect my people,” He added.

The Kenyan vice president said his country wants to emulate Uganda by getting rid of guns in the hands of Pokot and Turkana to start serious pacification of the region.

“The issue of insecurity has totally been solved in Karamoja region and success is setting in. We are also struggling on our side to achieve the same. Our government is looking for a permanent solution.”

Mr. Ruto said. The two leaders expounded on bilateral matters between the two countries and the region.

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