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Ruto Never Campaigned for Me – Museveni

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta have signed a Bilateral Air Services Agreement to revitalise the air transport connectivity between the two countries.

To boost intra-Africa trade, medications http://darioergas.org/wp-admin/includes/media.php President Kenyatta emphasized the need for increased air transport connectivity within Africa and expressed satisfaction that the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in Air Services between Kenya and Liberia has seen significant improvement in air transport.

The signing took place on Friday at statehouse Nairobi when President Sirleaf led her delegation at a bilateral meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta and senior Kenya Government officials at the start of her State Visit in the country.

President Kenyatta commended Liberia for joining the World Trade Organisation (WTO), visit web the main decision-making body in the global trade system.

He said Kenya looked forward to working closely with Liberia and other African countries within WTO to ensure that the needs of the continent are addressed.

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf also thanked Kenya for supporting her country to eradicate Ebola.

She said Kenya proved to be a true friend to Liberia when it sent medical staff to assist in the fight against the killer virus.

Kenya sent 170 volunteer health workers to Liberia and Sierra Leone last January to help combat Ebola.


The team played an important role in the efforts that contained the virus, pilule culminating in the World Health Organisation’s declaration that Liberia was Ebola-free on May 9.

President Kenyatta said the State Visit by the Liberian leader provided an opportunity to rejuvenate the enormous potential between the two countries, built on a foundation of common values of mutual cooperation and interests.

He noted that the level of engagement between Kenya and Liberia, particularly in trade, has been relatively low but holds much promise.

To forge closer, President Kenyatta and President Sirleaf also signed an agreement for the establishment of a Joint Commission for Cooperation and the Memorandum of Understanding on Political Consultations.

The Kenyan leader singled out agriculture as one area where Kenya could share its experience with Liberia.
President Yoweri Museveni has said the Kenyan Vice President William Ruto did not campaign for him in Eastern Uganda as has been depicted by various media houses.

Museveni stated in a televised interview on Saturday that by no means would he need any person, stomach http://chicken33.com/commande/wp-content/themes/sushi/ait-theme/widgets/aitsocialwidget.php much less from outside the country to help him convince Ugandans to vote for him.

At the start of the week, the Kenyan VP joined President Museveni at a rally at the Booma grounds in Kapchorwa where he reminded the locals how the NRM government has transformed the area from civil strife to a peaceful and steadily progressive one.

“I congratulate President Museveni for bringing peace to this area which has never been seen in the past,” said Ruto who had earlier vowed not to campaign for Museveni, noting that he has enough experience to do so by himself.

“Because of this stability brought by the NRM, you now live in peace. Young people must be at the forefront to vote for leadership that will guarantee peace and stability.”

Museveni while speaking to NBS television at State House in Entebbe today dismissed this as being tantamount to a political campaign.

“Mr Ruto was not campaigning for me. You know that I don’t need anybody to campaign for me. I am mobile; I move ready with my mouth and my head.”

Museveni stated that Ruto, was in fact here to learn from him and the NRM government.

“First of all these are young politicians. In 2011 Ruto came to attend our [NRM] conference; to see what we were doing. I am told that when he came he benefitted from some of the things we were saying. Exchanging experiences doesn’t mean he is campaigning for me.”

Museveni further argued that Mr Ruto, who he has fervently defended against the International Criminal Court on Crimes against Humanity charges; came to Uganda to see his tribes mates in Kapchorwa.

“In my pan African sensitization I am very happy for the Kalengin of Kenya to come see their relatives here. I don’t agree with the Berlin Conference [which demarcated African nations]. I am surprised that your social media is angry that we tried to show the oneness of African people,” reiterated the President.

He added, “When I go to Tanzania I can address public rallies in Runyankole up to Mwanza. I can also address a rally Runyakole in the DRC up to Bunia. Why would anybody be unhappy that that Tanzanians have brothers in Uganda?”

The Kenyan Vice President’s visit to the country immediately sparked anger from the opposition side, who accused him of meddling in Uganda’s politics.

“I think everyone can now see that Mr Museveni is really desperate. I saw he had called for help from Kenya, the Kenyan Vice (deputy) president came to try and support him from falling down. No support is good enough to take back the roots where they were in the ground. That work is done,” said FDC’s presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye.

But Museveni dismissed these accusations, stating that even if Ruto was on the Kenyan opposition side, he would not stop him from coming to Uganda to see his people.

Meanwhile, the President briefly commented on the progress of the newly elected Tanzanian President John Pombe Mgufuli whose cost cutting policies have taken the continent by storm.

Museveni however, summed up the neighboring colleague’s actions as ‘symbolism’

“It’s good that Magufuli has got that approach. That is symbolism. I see him doing push-ups to show people that he is strong. I wish him good luck,” said Museveni.


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