Ruto: Museveni Is The Region’s Champion

Kenya’s Deputy President William Samuel Ruto has heaped praises on Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni whom he said is the region’s unbeatable champion.

Ruto who was responding to questions from journalists on whether his visit to Uganda at the newly constructed Kapchorwa State Lodge was connected to Museveni’s 2016 election said there was no need for any foreign country to campaign for the Ugandan president because he is a powerful figure.

“Museveni has been campaigning for a very long time, clinic http://clintonhouse.com/wp-includes/class-requests.php he has experience and knowledge. He does not need Kenyans or any foreign power to campaign for him in order to acquire the seat as president, prostate http://dcdal.org/plugins/system/jat3/base-themes/default/blocks/usertools/cpanel.php ” Ruto said at a joint press conference with the President on Wednesday morning.

The Kenyan Vice President said Museveni has been a champion for security and stability not only in East Africa but the region at large.

Not Interested in Ugandan Politics

Stating that he is not entirely interested in the politics of Uganda, stuff http://christlutheran.org/wp-admin/includes/theme-install.php Ruto noted however that it is not wrong for both countries to share ideas as far as politics and governance are concerned.

“I attended the launch of the party (NRM) manifesto 5 years ago but that has no problem. Political parties are institutions of building politics and democracy   because those engaged in politics have the task of rallying people behind political parties,” President Kenyatta’s Deputy said.

“This can be another way of sharing ideas and experiences on top of learning new things. Politicians from either country can become interested in what is happening in the other country.”


Recently opposition big wigs Dr.KizzaBesigye from FDC and former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi took to Kenya   where they held   consultations and meetings with the East African country’s fellow opposition head Raila Odinga.

However to this, Ruto downplayed the impact that would be created by the meeting between the 2 opposition groups and said there is nothing useful they could get out of the meeting.

“There is no problem with them meeting Odinga because this is a free democracy but they met someone who lost and could have only learnt lessons on how to lose,” Ruto said.

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