Ruto Case Resumes at ICC, Judges to Determine His Fate

By Gale Julius Dada

The Leader of South Sudan Democratic  Movement/ Army, click (SSDM/A) – cobra faction and former head  of now defunct Pibor Administrative Area, information pills David Yau Yau Monday declared re-joining the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and disbanded the SSDM/A.

Yau Yau rebelled against the Government of South Sudan (GOSS) after losing in a disputed 2010 elections where he stood as an independent candidate.

He signed a ceasefire with the GoSS in June 2011, healing which integrated him and his militia with the SPLA.

In April 2012 he defected again, and led a militia in south Sudan’s Jongelei State resulting in two years of internal conflict which ended in March 2014.

The peace accord with the GoSS appointed Yau Yau as the Chief Administrator of a newly-established, semi-autonomous Greater Pibor Administrative Area, virtually at the rank of a state governor.

Yau Yau failed to be appointed as a state governor in the newly created 28 States of South Sudan, sparking rumors that he might rebel against the government of Salva Kiir.

Yau Yau told the press in juba that rejoining his childhood party will bring peace and stability in the country which experienced prolonged conflicts.


He said his militia men will be absorbed into the Sudan People’s Liberation and Army (SPLA) and the ruling SPLM party.

“Today onwards, we have become members of the SPLM and we are ready to participate; ready to partake, ready to share and contribute,’’ Yau Yau said.

“So we have come wholeheartedly as a group without living any one behind so that we participate in peace building, development and sharing our decisions,”

SPLM political Affairs Secretary, Antipas Nyok, said the coming in SSDM/A will foster return of peace and development of the SPLM party.

“For the last few years, they have been in separate organizations as the SSDM –cobra faction. Today comrade Yau Yau is here with all the political and military leaders who were with him in the cobra faction and they have declared their full intention to join the party,” Nyok said.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague will Tuesday resume hearing of the case against Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto and journalist Joshua Arap Sang.

The four-day hearing will see the defense begin the process of convincing the ICC to terminate charges against them due to lack of a prima facie case. The prosecution and the counsel representing the victims will also give their submissions.

In their 95-page document Ruto and Sang argued that the prosecution witnesses were coached to give incriminating evidence in exchange for better lives abroad.

However, drugs the ICC Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda maintains that the two have a case to answer for orchestrating violence in the Rift Valley during the 2007 elections.

She has alleged that Ruto financed activities of a network that was in charge of recruiting, organising and carrying out attacks in the Rift Valley.

In a trial that opened on September 10 2013, William Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang were charged on 3 counts of; murder, deportation or forcible transfer of population and persecution.

The Prosecutor claims that the accused compromised her witnesses in a bid to weaken her case. She accused Ruto for helping finance the recruiting of people who carried out attacks in the Rift Valley area.

Upon submissions from all the 3 sides, the trial chamber will determine the motion of no-case-to-answer for each of the three charges each of the accused persons is facing.

Partial or full rejection of the motion will imply that Ruto and Sang have a case to answer.

If judges accept the motion for all the three charges, it will mark the end of the case meaning that the evidence presented by the prosecution is insufficient to establish the criminal responsibility
of the two in the atrocities committed during the 2007.

Owing to the principle of individual criminality of International law, Deputy President Ruto will for the 4 days give less attention to his political obligations in Kenya and instead concentrate on the case.

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