Russia: We’ll Work with Omar Al Bashir’s Successors

Russia says it will continue its cooperation with Sudan no matter which party assumes control of the African country, Leonid Slutsky, the head of the Russian lower house’s International Affairs Committee, told reporters Thursday.

“Whoever comes to power… in Sudan, they will undoubtedly seek cooperation with Russia. I am confident that we will maintain relations with this country in the most active way”, the lawmaker said, according to Sputnik.

Sudan’s Defence Minister Gen Awad Ibn Ouf today Thursday confirmed the removal of President Omar Al Bashir from power.

Awad said the army has “removed the regime and arrested its head” following months of anti-Bashir protests.

Transitional Military Council would run the country for two years.

He also declared a state of emergency which he said would last three months to consolidate security.

Awad said Khartoum International Airport would be closed for 24 hours and a curfew lasting one month would be enforced by the armed forces.

He also said Gen Bashir was being “held in a secure place” by the country’s armed forces.


Sudan became a major buyer of Russian wheat: almost 1.5 million tonnes were purchased last year.

ChimpReports understands Bashir traveled to Moscow in 2018 where he praises the Putin on the “role that your country plays in preparing Sudanese military personnel.”

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