Rukutana Tells Bamugemereire to “Go and Hang”

There was a fiery exchange on Wednesday between Deputy Attorney General Hon Mwesigwa Rukutana and Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, who heads the Land Commission of Inquiry.

Rukutana was kicked out of the commission by Justice Bamugemereire, who threatened to report his “condescending behavior” during his interface with the commission to the president.

But the Deputy AG was unfazed, telling press afterwards, “she can even take it to God if she wants.”

Rukutana had appeared before the commission to clarify on how government cleared payment to a tune to 7billion shillings, in land compensation to one Dr Muhamed Buwule Kasasa.

Rukutana’s responses to the commission however, were found to be disrespectful by the Justice Bamugemereire, who immediately told him off.

“Can you please answer to our counsel with a decorum as expected?” Bamugemereire demanded.

Rukutana responded, “Well, if you find my manner or mode of presentation lacking, I am trying to answer the questions as posed and I will maintain that stance… my position is very clear; as long as I am respected I will be respectful. If I am not respected I will not respect anybody”

This angered the Commission chairperson, who stopped the session and ordered the AG to “get out of here.”


Bamugemereire also threatened to have Rukutana’s conduct reported to President Yoweri Museveni who appointed the commission.

“I will refer this matter to H.E The president of Uganda, so that probably (he) can find another way of verifying, investigating and probing how 24.6 billion shillings is about to leave the treasury.

“And probably the appointing authority will find a body that the learned Attorney General respects.”

She added, “We might actually have to rethink our methods as a commission, but as of now this interview is over; you are dismissed and discharged. Please get out of here.”

Rukutana, grumblingly left the room, telling reporters on the way to his car, “All she wanted as a headline ‘Attorney General dismissed’. So what? They can go and hang!”

On the threats to report him to the president, Rukutana told reporters, “they can even take it to God. I don’t give a damn.”

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