Rukungiri to Become Model District – Gen. Tumukunde

The Minister for security, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde has said in a few years from now, Rukungiri will become Uganda’s model district.

The former ISO chief made the remarks on Sunday in Kampala during a function to re-launch the Rukungiri Development Association.

“There is need by those of us who are well off to give back to our people back home,” Tumukunde said.

“We know government cannot do everything we need but in some cases we can individually or as a group contribute to our areas.”

The association, according to Tumukunde, will unite people hailing from the Western district of Rukungiri who will register and contribute some money to a fund.

He said that through the association, they plan to build a hospital, skills training school and  a university specializing in health sciences.

“We currently have 2 hospitals built by the missionaries and the church but we can raise billions of money when we come together and construct more facilities in our area.”

“We can become one of the model districts in the country. The less privileged can get something out of us if we come together.”

Rukungiri district is home to many big shots in the country including former health minister Jim Muhwezi and opposition strongman, Dr. Kizza Besigye.

However, Tumukunde warned that the association should be impartial and neutral.

“We should avoid being political. We are people known to be organised and this time we can pull it off,” the security minister said.

In an interview with ChimpReports policy analyst, Godber Tumushabe said the idea of coming together to contribute something to their home areas is good, adding that it would inspire many other people to start similar platforms.

“Many regions have successful people but lack an association like this,”Tumushabe said.

“The Rukungiri Development Association can go on to become an example of how we can help and develop our home districts. “

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