Rukungiri: Muhwezi Launches MP Campaigns in Rwenshama Fishing Village

The Member of Parliament campaigns in Rujumbura, Rukungiri district are heating up as former Information Minister Jim Muhwezi moves to reclaim the seat he lost in 2016.

Muhwezi, who recently won the ruling NRM MP party ticket with landslide, launched his campaign on Tuesday in Rweshama fishing village, Bwambara, Rukungiri.

The area residents told Muhwezi their concerns have not been addressed for the last five years.

“Our economic activity was fishing but our boats were confiscated by the Fisheries Protection Unit (FPU) which has negatively affected our livelihoods,” the residents told Muhwezi.

“We no longer have a source of income to meet our daily needs. Nothing has been put in place as an alternative after stopping us from fishing.”

The FPU was deployed by President Museveni to restore fish in Lake Edward.

In Rweshama fishing village, residents told Muhwezi the new Fisheries Protection Unit (FPU) deployed to restore fish in Lake Edward has affected their livelihoods.

Rwenshama is close to Queen Elizabeth National Park.


The residents said wild animals such as bush pigs, elephants, buffaloes, monkeys and baboons raid crops in the sub-counties of Bwambara, Ruhinda and Bugangari.

The people of Bwambara also raised the issue of poor road infrastructure in the area and lack of technical schools which Muhwezi said he would address when elected to Parliament.

They thanked Jim for the Health centres in Bwambara constituency that he lobbied for during his time as Minister of Health.

Muhwezi later moved to Kikarara Parish where the residents praised him for securing them land from the park which had been denied them for years and building a school through ADRA and many other projects.

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