Rukungiri: Jim Muhwezi Wins Rujumbura NRM Primaries with 80%

Former Information Minister Jim Muhwezi has won the NRM primaries in Rujumbura, Rukungiri District, with a landslide of 80%, a huge step forward in reclaiming the area MP seat in the 2021 elections.

Muhwezi emerged victorious with 27,199 votes against Julius Muhuruzi’s 4,565 (13.3%).

Venansio Natuhwera came third with 2,134 votes, representing 6.2% of the total vote count.

Alex Mugisha trailed with 269 votes (0.7%).

The area NRM EC registrar, Jackson Kiiza Mugarura, announced Muhwezi’s victory at around 4:00am on Saturday.

“I therefore declare the highest number of votes 27,199 representing 80% of the votes the duly elected NRM flag bearer for Rujumbura County Member of Parliament 2020,” said Registrar Mugarura.

Earlier on Friday, thousands of supporters thronged the polling stations to elect Muhwezi who has promised to lobby for more social services such as good roads in the area.

“Very pleased with today’s result and grateful to all who turned out to vote and vote peacefully,” said Muhwezi on Saturday morning.

During the elections, Muhwezi, who in 2016 lost the MP race to opposition FDC candidate, Fred Turyamuhweza, cautioned area residents against electing self-seeking politicians in the 2021 general elections.

“There are politicians who contest for public offices to serve their own interests. They do not have the people’s interests at heart,” said Muhwezi.

“Some of us are freedom fighters. We put our lives on the line for the peace and prosperity of our people. Your problems affect me too,” he emphasised.

“Forget politicians who don’t care about you. Now is the time to make Rujumbura shine again by electing leaders who will fully lobby for development and prosperity of the area.”

Muhwezi expressed joy at seeing people at cell level strictly following the COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

He urged the public to maintain social distancing to prevent further spread of the novel virus.

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