Rukungiri: Besigye Electrifies Crowds on Amuriat Campaign Trail

Dr Kizza Besigye has officially joined presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat’s campaign trail in what observers say is a move aimed at boosting the FDC flag-bearer’s political fortunes in the heated presidential race.

“This time around I am not carrying the FDC flag,” Besigye told the people of Rukungiri this Monday evening.

“Our flag-bearer is POA (Amuriat). The reason I am not contesting in this poll is my election victory was rigged by President Museveni before taking power with guns,” he added.

“I am now preoccupied with another initiative to ensure the guns are submissive to civilian authority. We shall soon be telling you what to do,” said Besigye in reference to Plan B, a concerted effort to remove Museveni in a popular mass uprising.

Besigye had stayed away from political campaigns until last week when he appeared at the launch of the FDC manifesto.

His return comes at a time Amuriat is struggling to mobilize a critical mass to take power in 2021.

Unlike Besigye, Amuriat lacks the charisma, charm and oratory skills needed to electrify  the electorate.

Besigye, who was wearing a face mask, had his address cut short by police which said the time for the campaign event had elapsed.

The former presidential candidate avoided a clash with police, telling excited supporters to wait for his radio address later this evening.

He spoke as police fired teargas and bullets to disperse crowds.

Besigye‘s delay to take part in the campaigns had raised fears that FDC could perform poorly in the forthcoming election.

Failure to obtain a substantial vote and considerable number of lawmakers would threaten the future of Uganda’s main opposition party.

Already, a debate is raging on who is the strongest opposition leader between Besigye and new kid on the block, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

Crowds cheered on as Besigye slammed what he described as unending abuse of public funds by the government in power, saying President Museveni should expect a protracted battle with the opposition during this election season.

Museveni last night said he would not tolerate violent protests and warned opposition and their alleged foreign supporters of “defeat.”

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