Rukiga Residents Protest Against President

Locals in Rukiga district on Wednesday held peaceful demonstrations, protesting what they called failure by President Yoweri Museveni to follow through on the promises he made to them while he was seeking re-election in 2016

The residents showed frustration that the President promised them the best services after defeating FDC’s Col Dr Kizza Besigye in the 2016 elections, but nothing has been fulfilled ever since.

Protests were held in the Sub-Counties of Kashambya, Rwamucucu, Kamwezi and Muhanga Town Council.

Jackson Bitariho Kijiko, one of the protesters said he regretted campaigning for President Museveni and the NRM in the past elections.

“Rukiga used to be an FDC stronghold, but the President promised us a better life if we got rid of the opposition, and we did. But to our disappointment, we have received nothing in return,” he said.

Residents as a bodaboda rides though a flooded road

Rogers Kalenzi, another protester said the people’s hopes were raised when President Museveni appointed their area Member of Parliament, Herbert Kabafunzaki into cabinet, but were devastated when he was dropped.

“We thought that with Kabafunzaki as minister, Rukiga would quickly develop. But now we have lost all hope for better roads and infrastructural development.”

Prossy Abenanye, another protester said, “Most of our roads in the district are impassable despite the president promising to upgrade them. He also promised assistance for elders and women. Our joy now would be meeting the president and sharing with him our grief.”


David Byarugaba said their main concern is the Kamwezi-Muhanga-Kisiizi road which was greatly affected by floods during the rainy season.

“Since the start of the rains, it is mostly flooded and also full of rocks from the hills which make transportation of our commodities difficult,” he said.

Rukiga district has since September last year suffered from the negative effects of heavy rains as residents decry the sweeping away of their gardens, houses and roads.

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