Rujumbura: Jim Muhwezi Combs Rujumbura for Votes

Former Information Minister Rtd Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi is leaving no stone unturned in his quest to return to Parliament.

For the two months, Muhwezi has been combing villages across Rujumbura, Rukungiri District, and western Uganda, for votes ahead of the general elections in January 2021.

Muhwezi, who lost the MP race in 2016, has been holding small campaign meetings in his constituency where he has pledged to mobilise authorities to rehabilitate roads which are in a poor state and improve public service delivery.

In Bugangari sub-county, Muhwezi asked locals to vote only NRM flag-bearers from the positions of President to MPs and down to councillors.

He also thanked his former rivals in NRM’s internal elections for throwing their weight behind him as he campaigns to regain his seat currently occupied by FDC’s Fred Turyamuhweza.

Muhwezi promised to support sports and talent promotion which he said can serve as a source of revenue for the youth.

Football players demonstrate support for Muhwezi
Muhwezi has so far donated balls to more than 300 villages in the constituency

At Karisizo trading centre, Muhwezi said in the next five years, he will mobilise government institutions to provide cheap credit to youth groups to improve their productivity and livelihoods.

He said the Buhunga-Kabira road will be rehabilitated once elected Member of Parliament.


At most of his rallies, Muhwezi has emphasised the need to wear masks to protect further spread of Coronavirus.

While addressing locals at Kagorogoro Church of Uganda, Muhwezi promised to work with relevant government institutions to deepen water and electricity connections in Rujumbura and also empower youth and women with entrepreneurial skills to start income-generating projects.

In Bugangari, Rutabago and Rwenshaka, several FDC supporters, including a one Kagini Rwiniki and Geoffrey Kabaka joined the NRM party. He handed the new members NRM party t-shirts.

Muhwezi handed NRM t-shirts to FDC defectors

“I am happy that you are now embracing us who are determined to boost public service delivery in this area,” said Muhwezi in Rutabago.

“Nobody forced you to join FDC. You have the right to abandon FDC and return to NRM. Don’t accept any form of intimidation. We got information that some people were making threatening calls to potential defectors,” he added.

“President Museveni has clearly indicated that nobody should intimidate any Ugandan. The Police and UPDF are here to protect Ugandans and their lives.”

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