Rugunda: Xenophobic Attacks Aimed at Dividing Africans

Ugandan Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda has said ongoing xenophobic attacks in South Africa are aimed at creating animosity between African People.

He made these remarks while answering legislator’s concerns during the Prime Minister’s segment in the Ugandan legislature today Thursday.

Rugunda said skirmishes south of the continent are detrimental to the solidarity, peace and security on continent.

“It is an attempt to bring bad blood amongst the African People and countries. But fortunately our relationship in Africa is too strong, too big to be shaken by incidents of that nature,” he added.

The media reported that attacks broke out in and around Johannesburg this week, killing seven people while dozens of shops were destroyed, mostly foreign-owned.

More than 400 people have been arrested.


Foreign workers are often victims of anti-immigrant sentiment in South Africa, where they compete against locals for jobs, particularly in low-skilled industries.

The Premier said reprisal attacks against South African enterprises and natives in Nigeria stand to complicate the already fragile situation.

Rugunda said parents should endeavor to raise their children well to prevent them from turning anarchic.

“I think the solution really is to ensure that all our countries do all that is possible to have proper upbringing of our youngsters to know that their brothers are not their enemies,” he advised.

Rugunda also urged governments to do all that is possible to address youth unemployment.

“Endeavor to absorb them in agricultural, industrial and work sector so that they are absorbed with work and therefore don’t loiter in the streets looking where to cause havoc and trouble,” he added.

South Africa has so far closed consulates in Nigeria and DRC over reprisal attacks. Rugunda assured Ugandan citizens in South Africa of security, saying Pretoria was doing all it takes to restore sanity.

The latest wave of violence targeting immigrants has drawn condemnation from leaders worldwide and celebrities alike.

So far, Nigerian artistes Burna Boy and Yemi Alade have suspended upcoming shows in South Africa while the Zambian soccer ‘Chipolo polo’ called off a friendly with the ‘Bafana Bafana’.

The latest wave of violence has claimed 5 people, according to South African authorities.


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