Rugunda Takes Oath

In the last couple of days a few disgruntled and misguided journalists have been peddling lie after lie on how FUFA had sold the Uganda Cranes game against Togo at  Shs100m

For starters this lie being spread about by the known saboteurs of Ugandan football is deliberate and intended to incite both violence and hatred against FUFA and its current leadership under Eng Moses Magogo.

Those who have been to the games know that the gates had been turned into money minting points by those who were asked to manage them. The abuse bordered on recklessness.

FUFA got concerned that despite the obvious big turn up of the supporters , buy http://ceris.ca/wp-includes/post-template.php the revenue did not tally.

Prudent Management techniques required an inquiry into why the numbers in the stadium didn’t correlate with the figures from the ticket sales.

It was against this background that FUFA decided to outsource this function. In brief Business outsourcing means a process in which an entity or company entrusts some of their business function to external vendors. The are several benefits of business outsourcing some of which are but are not limited to;

1.The Ability for FUFA to focus on its core activities. Event management has never been FUFA’s core activities and therefore outsourcing it to a third party gives it an opportunity to focus on its core functions.

2.Cost Advantages. FUFA has been spending a lot of money on how to manage the event. With Outsourcing , the vendor will take care of all those costs such as printing of tickets and advertising the game.


3.By outsourcing a function to a more experienced vendor like Balaam, FUFA will realize more efficiency gains.

  1. Outsourcing the event management function, FUFA will have tapped into skilled resources without having to spend money on hiring, training and deploying additional staff to manage the gates.

To Ignorant people like Allan SSewanyana he might not know that today the world has moved on.

All telecom companies in Uganda and world over like Airtel, MTN, UTL, Orange have all outsourced their business function of call centers to third parties. Does that mean they have sold of their companies?

It is against the millennium development goals for someone to deliberately remain ignorant in this era of the information super high way. But if that is the choice Allan Ssewanyana has taken we can only look on as he goes about his business. It’s only unfortunate that he has access to broadcast media!

It is also equally understandable when some voices within FUFA express their lack of appreciation for this new development. A critical look at those expressing these voices is that they are the same people who have abused this function with reckless abandon.

At this time when Eng Moses Magogo is looking for ways on how the game should be self financing, it was imperative to tighten all the loose ends where money has been lost. Unfortunately among those loose ends was the match day gate collection.

I therefore take this opportunity to applaud the FUFA president for having taken up this initiative that ensures maximum return on investment for the Cranes and FUFA.

Long-Live FUFA, Long-Live Moses Magogo, Long-Live Lawrence Mulindwa,Long-Live Uganda Cranes!!!

Opinion by Timothy Katende 
Dr Ruhakana Rugunda has been sworn-in as Uganda’s new Prime Minister after being vetted by Parliament, there http://debbiehowes.com/wp-content/plugins/events-manager/buddypress/bp-em-templatetags.php Chimp Corps report.

The premier was inaugurated at State House Entebbe on Thursday at a function presided over by President Museveni.

He was flanked by friends, capsule http://cellulitzwalczyc.xyz/wp-includes/cache.php relatives and close family members.

Museveni today said “Parliament was unanimous in its approval of Rugunda as our Prime Minister.”

Rugunda took over from Amama Mbabazi, who is suspected of nursing plans to challenge President Museveni in the 2016 elections, almost a week ago.

While reacting to Rugunda’s appointment during the latter’s vetting by Parliament on Tuesday, Mbabazi said his knowledge of Rugunda was of a “hardworking leader, capable of taking over from him.”

Rugunda was described as “highly skilled” and “well suited” for the top cabinet job.

The Rugundas and President Museveni in a group photograph at Entebbe
The Rugunda’s and President Museveni in a group photograph at Entebbe

The new premier has since vowed to prioritize service delivery, saying that it was all leaders’ collective responsibility to ensure that the population gets access to all essential services.

The NRA historical, who played a pivotal role in mobilsing fighters against the brutal regimes of Idi Amin and Milton Obote, says he will be focusing on implementation of the Movement Manifesto, the National Development Plan and the coordination of Government programs as approved by Parliament.

“Our focus will be on implementation of the many infrastructural projects underway and we will continue to prioritize improved service delivery to the people,” said Rugunda.

“In order to address the problem of poverty and youth unemployment, promotion of private sector investments and job creation must remain a top priority. We must also focus on modernization of agriculture, industrialization and value addition as key pillars of our transformation program.”

Having served as Minister for Internal Affairs, Health, ICT and Uganda’s representative to United Nations, Rugunda urged the nation to “intensify our collective effort to combat corruption, a vice that has plagued our society and still remains a challenge.”

He said greater emphasis will be placed on accountability and transparency in managing public affairs, insisting, “this is a responsibility of government, the opposition and of every Ugandan citizen.”

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