Rugunda Launches Committee to Fasttrack Budget Implementation

Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda has appealed to Ministers and different government sectors to ensure that their plans are aligned with the wider national development agenda.

He further implored them to fasttrack the implementation of the set targets especially in the priority areas if Uganda is to achieve middle income status by 2020.

The Prime Minister made the remarks on Thursday while launching the Presidential Advisory Committee on Budget (PACOB), order a political instrument whose responsibility is to quicken the budgetary process as well as ensure that the public resources are put to good use.

“We don’t want Presidential directives being mere directives or writing development agenda like NDP II and Vision 2040 but such major decisions are reduced to concrete workable priorities, information pills ” said the Prime Minister.

Rugunda mentioned that the activities leading to the final report of PACOB will utmost be completed by end of November this year without delay.

He highlighted the initiatives introduced by government especially through the Ministries of Finance and Public Service which he said have curbed the ‘hemorrhage’ of public resources.

“Parliament passed the Public Finance and Management Act which guided the budget process and reduced timelines and necessitated engagement on PACOB,” he added.

The Act, he said requires the National Planning Authority to certify all sectoral plans funded by public resources so that they are aligned with the country’s development plan before they are approved by Parliament.


“Government has compelled all Accounting officers to sign performance contracts in line with key outcomes and targets in line with 23 strategic areas and Presidential directives.”

Rugunda said these interventions have enabled government to save a significant amount of money which was previously lost through ghost workers and scam pensions.

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