Rugunda Encourages Use Of Herbs

The Prime Minister Dr. David Livingstone Ruhakana Rugunda has advised residents of Kabale to make use of the available traditional medicines; used in the past by their forefathers to treat ailments.

The Premier noted with concern on Monday that people have abandoned the traditional medicines for the conventional medicines.

He said proper use of herbs can be more effective than the modern medicines, dosage adding that the only danger is when people go to the extremes of engaging in cruel acts like witchcraft.

“We need to go back and start using the Africans herbs that our parents used to give us while we were young. I am a medical doctor and I advise you that herbs are also good, side effects ” said Rugunda.

The Prime Minister was on Monday speaking at the requiem service of Yunia Kerere Rushundahire, mother of former minister Ezra Nkwansiibwe that was held at her home in Nyakitabire, Muhanga Town Council in Kabale District.

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