Rugby: Ladies Sevens Tourney Kicks Off

The UPDF impostor Lawrence Johnson Ochola who has been in security detention in Kampala since Monday has agreed to pay back a staggering Shs 100m that he fraudulently received from some politicians.

ChimpReports has exclusively got the briefings into the probe by the Special Investigations Unit, physician more about Kireka on the army actor who is commonly known as Colonel Ochola.

Ochola 39, side effects hails from the northern district of Apac, tadalafil Atopi Sub County and reportedly studied in Lango according to those who knew him; before disappearing in early 2000s only to resurface as a decorated US Marine and UPDF Colonel.

According to security sources in the know, Ochola agreed to pay Shs 40m to one of the complainants in the names of Arach Tom, the LC3 Chairperson of Kamdini Sub County in Oyam district.

Mr. Arach made his statement at SIU on Tuesday just a day after the arrest of Ochola. The suspect was however still stubborn referring to himself as a colonel that left no room for negotiations.

However after feeling the heat of four days in detention without the usual salutes and pomp, Ochola finally accepted his status on Friday evening and asked to be given opportunity to settle all the matters out of police.

The “colonel” also accepted to pay another Shs 60m that was recorded at SIU on Friday by a senior politician from the north whose names we are withholding on request.

“The colonel is now getting into his senses. Headways were made this evening when he voluntarily acknowledged getting money fraudulently from some people and has agreed to pay them back,” a security source who asked not to be named said on Friday.


The negotiations were made possible by the presence of Members of Parliament, religious and opinion leaders from Lango who have been waiting for the release of the “colonel” for the last four days.

Mr. Arach is yet to get back at the SIU to withdraw his statement against Ochola and possibly make another agreement statement opting for out-of-police settlement.

Ochola nonetheless still detained since SIU is handling two charges against him and only the case of receiving money by false pretense has been conclusively handled.

The leaders from the region asked police after negotiations to set Ochola free but were told to back off since the remaining charge is a complex security matter that borders no dialogue.

The remaining charge that Ochola still has to answer is impersonating the national army and giving to himself the rank of a colonel.

“It is good the fraud has been somehow exhausted but there is no way we can let him go now. Other things are still building up and only until they are concluded, will be set free” One of the officers handling the case reportedly said.

Ochola had imposed himself in Lango as a special presidential handpicked man and was reigning in the whole region as a governor with military escorts and fleet of vehicles without number plates.

He was being saluted by all security officials in the area until a ChimpReports this writer visited the town of Lira.

Three hours after we published the story, Ochola was seized from Ministry of Defense headquarters, Kampala where he had reportedly gone to seek appointment for a meeting with the Chief of Defense Forces, Gen. Katumba Wamala.



A total of eight Rugby Sevens women teams are expected to tussle out in a one-day tournament organised by the Uganda Women’s Rugby Association (UWRA).

The event will start at 9AM and will go up to late in the evening on Saturday 18th July at the Legends Bar and Restaurant rugby grounds.

The one day event will also be used to select a national sevens provisional team expected to start preparations for the upcoming Olympics qualifiers/CAR 7s Scheduled to start from 26th -27th September 2015 in Johannesburg, diagnosis South Africa.

“Teams are geared up for the competition, as it is the tourney is not only about Saturday, the players will have to do their best to fight for a place in the national team,” an official from UWRA told ChimpSports.

The eight teams expected to participate include: Black Panthers (Kampala),  Busia Red Rhinos (Busia),Entebbe Sharks, Graceland Panthers (Gulu Elephants Rugby Club ), Kitgum Queens Kitgum Lions Rugby Club),Mbale Eagles, Thunderbirds (Kampala) and Walukuba Rugby Football Club Titans (Jinja).

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